Mizzou Football: Ten Best NFL Careers of All-Time

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Best Tigers to Play in the NFL – Number 7: Eric Wright

NFL Defensive Back from 1981-1990

In the 1981 NFL Draft, the San Francisco 49ers selected Eric Wright in the second round out of Missouri. Wright went on to spend his decade-long career in 49er red and gold and has four Super Bowl rings to show for it.

Wright was a two-time Pro Bowler as well, and had 164 yards off of interceptions in 1983. He recorded a total of 18 interceptions during his ten-year career and took two of them the other way for scores.

Eric Wright finished off his decade in the NFL with those 18 interceptions in 110 total games. He was apart of that dominant 49ers squad in the 1980s and continued to show that Missouri has a way with producing defensive studs for the pros.

He’s seventh on the list of all-time pro players out of Mizzou.