Missouri Tigers: Three Things To Watch Vs LSU

Missouri Tigers safety Cam Hilton. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports
Missouri Tigers safety Cam Hilton. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports /
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The Missouri Tigers take on the LSU Tigers this week in Death Valley. Mizzou is catching LSU in the midst of some turmoil and may be able to steal a win.

The Missouri Tigers are coming off a one sided victory over their “squash” opponent Delaware State.  However, Mizzou’s next opponent will be far more formidable than some FCS money game.  At least, that’s what we thought a at the start of this week.  Things can happen fast in sports, and that was the case in Baton Rouge.  Now Mizzou may come into this game as the better batch of Tigers.

When I did my preseason breakdown of the Mizzou Tigers, I had this game penciled in as a loss.  With everything that happened to Missouri over the past year, there was no way they were taking down LSU.  Now it almost feels like the roles are reversed after the university heads in Baton Rouge made a peculiar move.

I could talk all day about the Les Miles firing at LSU (and have some).  Simply put, I don’t think very much of the people who made that decision.  Now it has put the school in line for a major down turn, and unnecessary distractions for the program.  To do that after just four games into the season is simply ridiculous.

I don’t have any unrealistic notions about this game though.  LSU is still the favorite as they are still the far more talented team.  On top of that, much of the coaching staff is still the same.  I would be surprised if we saw a drastically different game plan this week than what the Tigers of Baton Rouge have shown so far this year.

However, the distraction for LSU does open the door for Missouri to steal a win from a top tier SEC team.  It won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but the door is open.  Mizzou will have to be on top of its game.  They can’t afford any foolish mistakes that cost them the momentum.  Get on top early and put the pressure on.  Here are the three things for Mizzou fans to watch for this week.