Kansas City Chiefs: Behind Enemy Lines With The New York Jets


The Kansas City Chiefs look to rebound from last week when they take on the New York Jets.  To get some inside info on the Jets, I sat down with Nick Ziegler of Empire Writes Back on our FanSided Network.

The Kansas City Chiefs dropped the ball (figuratively and literally) against the Houston Texans last week.  The Chiefs look to get back on track this week against a tough New York Jets team.  To get a look at what we can expect this week, I spoke with Empire Writes Back writer Nick Ziegler to get a look at the enemy.

The Chiefs are a talented team.  This roster features star players with almost every position group, and a strong depth chart.  Unfortunately, that didn’t show on the field against the Texans last week.  Despite a strong defensive performance, the Chiefs were unable to get a win.  That largely fell on the offense and a virtual comedy of errors that included a bad day for both Alex Smith and Jeremy Maclin.

The Jets are definitely a tough opponent and feature one of the best defensive lines and wide receiver groups in the NFL.  However, this is not a team without its own share of shortfalls.  The Chiefs have a number of match-up advantages that they should be able to exploit.  I see the Chiefs as being the better team, but they have to play up to their ability.

To see more on what I think of the Chiefs this week, check out my responses to Nick’s questions over at The Jet Press by following the link…

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Ben Almquist: Will Jets starting receivers Eric Decker and Brandon Marshall be ready to go this Sunday?

Nick Ziegler: “It was shocking to see Brandon Marshall return against the Bills after what looked like a gruesome knee injury. He hasn’t practiced yet since the injury and his status will likely be a game-time decision. Due to the fact he did return against Buffalo, I believe that he will be playing on Sunday. In addition to the injury to Marshall, Eric Decker has also missed practice this week because of a shoulder injury. While Marshall’s status is uncertain, I would be shocked if Decker didn’t play on Sunday.” 

BA: Darrelle Revis appears to be struggling early on this year.  Is there concern in NY about the pass defense?

NZ: “There is certainly a lot of concern about Darrelle Revis and the Jets’ passing defense this season. Revis was torched by A.J. Green in Week 1, and then he was also burned by Marquise Goodwin of the Buffalo Bills in Week 2 on a deep pass. If Revis isn’t going to be the lockdown defender like he used to be, the Jets’ defense will have to adjust. Todd Bowles can’t depend on him in one-on-one coverage right now, and that will certainly change the defensive gameplans. If the safeties have to play back to protect Revis, this will weaken the Jets’ rushing defense.”

BA: Chiefs RB Spencer Ware has netted over 100 total yards in each of the first two games of the season.  Does NY have an answer for him?

NZ: “Ware has really been impressive for the Chiefs filling in for Jamaal Charles. The Jets’ run defense is once again good in 2016 due to having one of the best defensive lines in the NFL. However, Ware has proven to be much more than just a runner. Defending running backs that can catch the ball out of the backfield has been an issue for the Jets in recent years, but it was also why they drafted linebacker Darron Lee.

In the first two weeks of the season, the Jets have done well against two talented receiving running backs. Against the Bengals, they held Giovani Bernard to just two receptions and five receiving yards. On Thursday Night Football, LeSean McCoy totaled four receptions and 31 receiving yards. The matchup between Lee and Ware will be a fun one to watch, as they have both been successful this season. “

BA: Who is one player that Chiefs fans might not know, but should?

NZ: “One player that Chiefs fans should keep an eye on is wide receiver Quincy Enunwa. This is Enunwa’s second season with the Jets, and he is looking like an early candidate to be a breakout player for not only the Jets but the entire NFL. Alongside Marshall and Decker, Enunwa has solidified his spot as the third wide receiver.

Due to the Jets not having any talent at the tight end position, Enunwa’s unique size and strength have made him somewhat of a tight end for the Jets. His versatility has been used magnificently, as he will line up all over the place. In the first two games of the season, he has totaled 13 receptions, 146 receiving yards, and one receiving touchdown. The emergence of Enunwa has really made the Jets’ passing offense look dynamic as shown against the Bills.”

BA: What is your prediction for this week?

NZ: “I am usually am a big fan of teams playing with extra rest, but playing in Kansas City is no easy task. Arrowhead has been one of the loudest and most difficult places to play in the NFL, and the Jets will be in for a tough game. The Jets will certainly make it a close game, but winning two games on the road in as many weeks is difficult.”

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Thank you to Nick Ziegler for agreeing to talk about this game with me.  The Chiefs are in the middle of a tough stretch of games..  Both of these organizations are expecting to make a run at the playoffs this year.  So this game goes a long way towards making that happen.  The Jets look a little dinged up, but still have a very potent offense.  Many believe the Chiefs have improved their offense as well.  KC will have to improve from last week if they want to beat the Jets.