KC Chiefs: John Dorsey Not Doing Well With Draft Picks


The KC Chiefs made a surprising decision on Wednesday morning when they decided to part ways with KeiVarae Russell. Russell was Kansas City’s third round pick in this year’s draft.

On a scale of one to ten, I was probably at about a ten when it came to the Kansas City Chiefs announcing they were releasing KeiVarae Russell.

First of all, Russell was the team’s third round pick in 2016 and was their second total draft pick this year. He’s the earliest guy drafted to be let go from his team, which is unreal. It’s unheard of to part ways with a third round draft pick after only one week of the regular season.

Second, Russell was a position of need for this team. The Chiefs need help in the secondary, and Russell could have provided that for them. What gives?

John Dorsey had already cut Kevin Hogan, another 2016 draft pick, and has shown that he’s not succeeding all that much when it comes to the draft. Dee Ford has been a bust and he was a first round pick a few years ago, Aaron Murray was cut, De’Anthony Thomas has been disappointing, and now Russell and Hogan are both gone.

Aside from Travis Kelce (and possibly Marcus Peters too… Let’s see if he does better this week), who has been a star for Kansas City, Dorsey really hasn’t shined in the draft. He’s wasted picks on Ford and now on Russell, and the draft is when teams are really supposed to build for the future.

It’s disappointing that Russell is already off the team, especially when the KC Chiefs could have used him in the secondary.

Obviously with as big of a move like this by Kansas City, one would think the Chiefs would have something up their sleeves, but nothing has arose yet. It’s rare for a team to just flat-out give up on a third rounder so early on, but maybe there was more to the story than what we’re hearing.

I mean… The Chiefs cut KeiVarae Russell after ONE week. I get that he might have struggled during the offseason, but the team still has Dee Ford as a starter. Give the youngster time to figure it out.

Something has to be in the making, right? RIGHT?!

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All in all though, seeing a third rounder cut so soon is disappointing. Throw in that all that was done was bringing up a linebacker that has been cut three times already and we’re talking major disappointment here.

If the Chiefs don’t make some sort of trade or sign a big name to the roster, then it’s safe to say that fans will begin to lose faith in John Dorsey.

What do you think of this move, Chiefs fans? Is a trade coming or was this simply because Russell wasn’t grasping the playbook?