Kansas City Chiefs: Fresh Hot Takes From Sunday

Kansas City Chiefs fans - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Kansas City Chiefs fans - Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /
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Third Down: Chiefs Defense Is Done

The Kansas City Chiefs strength over the past couple of years has been its dominant defense.  However, with a couple of key losses and injuries this year, there is an expectation that the unit would take a step back.  The Chiefs defense certainly struggled for much of the game on Sunday as Philip Rivers cut them up.

Even the defensive line, which should be the strength of the group, struggled.  The Chargers moved the ball at will on the Chiefs in the first half.  Philip Rivers looked unstoppable and both Melvin Gordon and Danny Woodhead were running at will.

"Poster: Jake “@Chiefs learn how to play defense you bunch of idiots you guys are a joke of a team You’re going nowhere in football we all hate you”"

I won’t pretend the Chiefs defense had a good day, or that there aren’t things to fix.  However, it was not nearly as bad as this guy made it out to be.  Look at the end of the game.  The Chiefs held the Chargers to just 45 yards on their final four drives…when it mattered most.  Bob Sutton has some things to figure out, but expect this unit to put it together as the year goes on…kind of like they did in 2015.

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