Kansas City Chiefs: First Wave Of Final Cuts Surprise Some Fans

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Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Marcus Cooper
Kansas City Chiefs defensive back Marcus Cooper. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports /

Marcus Cooper – DB – 4th Season

Kansas City Chiefs fans have come to expect some late preseason trade work from John Dorsey.  This year it came in the form of a player that Dorsey once worked some quality preseason waiver wire work with.  Marcus Cooper never really developed after a strong debut of several quality games, and he is now an Arizona Cardinal.

Ok, so Cooper wasn’t a “cut”.  However, he counts as a roster move made to get closer to the 53 man limit.  At the start of the year, Cooper would not have been a surprise, but he turned heads in OTAs by playing well at safety.  That, and his experience, led many to think Cooper had a real shot at the roster.

Count this as another “difficult cut”.  Marcus Cooper not being able to make the Chiefs 2016 roster is a clear cut improvement from 2015.  Cooper is a young, cheap, depth option for a team.  That is certainly how the Cardinals will use him (if they keep him).

The Chiefs received a conditional 7th round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft for Cooper.  That is obviously not a guaranteed return, nor a huge prize.  However, the fact that John Dorsey got anyone to bite on Cooper is a victory in itself.  That potential extra pick could also become trade ammunition in a draft day move.

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