KC Chiefs: Ten Worst Starters In Past Ten Years

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Eric Warfield #44 of the Kansas City Chiefs (Photo by Rick Stewart/Getty Images)

Honorable Mentions

Okay so the truth of the matter is that the KC Chiefs have had some really bad players over the past ten years, and as difficult as it was to exclude some, it would be tough to write enough about just how bad they were.

For instance, Jordan Black and Mike Goff were both terrible, but they were offensive linemen and it’s tough to find stats on them. I’m not sure how to continually say, “He couldn’t block worth a crap”. There will be some offensive linemen included on here, but they’re ones who I have a little more knowledge on or did something memorably bad and/or embarrassing.

I also wanted to include Eric Warfield, but a lot of that was due to his legal troubles more so than his play. He spent several years with Kansas City and had “meh” stats.

With that said, I will warn you that a lot of the players on this list were on the offensive side of the ball simply because it’s easier to judge bad players who play on offense. Blown coverage isn’t really covered in statistics and that’s why you’ll see mostly offensive players included on here.

Like I mentioned above, Jordan Black, Mike Goff, and Eric Warfield are all candidates here so they get honorable mentions as some of the worst starters in the past ten years. Black was a fifth round draft pick by the Chiefs in 2003 and went on to play three seasons in Kansas City, making 29 starts and appearing in 48 games. Black was not a good tackle in the NFL and has been out of the league since 2012.

Goff was a third round pick by the Bengals and played there for six years. He may have only spent one year in Kansas City, but he was a bad addition to the offensive line. It’s no coincidence that Goff’s lone season with the Chiefs was his last in the NFL.

Warfield experienced several legal problems during his time in the league. He had three DUIs and was put on house arrest at one point (Source of link: Len Pasquarelli of ESPN). Not exactly a guy you want leading your defense each and every week.

Okay, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for… Let’s start this thing!

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