KC Royals Select Pitchers With First Three Picks In MLB Draft

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Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Since winning the World Series in 1985, the KC Royals have had a Top 15 selection 23 times, and a Top 10 selection 19 of those 23 times.

Of those 23 Top 15 selections, the Royals drafted a pitcher 11 times.

Of those 11 starting pitcher selections, two have had what you could call a successful big league career as a starting pitcher–Keven Appier in ’87 and Zack Greinke in ’02.

Counting the 2015 supplemental selection of Watson, the Royals have been awarded a compensatory/supplemental selection (essentially an extra 1st round pick) 15 times since 1991.  Of those 15 compensatory/supplemental sections, which they’re awarded due to players leaving Kansas City, 13 have been pitchers.

Of those 13 pitchers that were compensatory/supplemental selections, only two have had any measurable success in the big leagues–Mike MacDougal ’99 (very brief success) and J.P. Howell ’04 (has carved out a nice 10 year career as a bullpen arm).

Are you depressed yet? The only two starting pitchers the KC Royals can truly be credited with drafting and developing since 1985 are Appier and Greinke. Appier pitched 13 years for the Royals, while Greinke was only here for seven (granted he won the Cy Young Award once during that span).

What do the Royals have to show for all those extra picks they used on pitchers? Two decent years from MacDougal, and one bad season from J.P. Howell.

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