Missouri Tigers: Six Tigers Taken In 2015 NFL Draft

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Missouri Tigers wide receiver Bud Sasser (21) – Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

player. 51. 6th round, Pick #25 (#201st overall). WR. Missouri. Bud Sasser. 5

Bud Sasser was one of those names that really wasn’t talked about much in pre-draft coverage. His numbers at Missouri didn’t really stand out, nor did his 40-yard dash time. At 6’2″, however, Sasser can go up for the ball and beat out a cornerback, which must be what St. Louis had in mind when they made him their sixth round pick.

NFL.com’s Mark Dulgerian said this about Sasser:

"The Rams like big receivers and Sasser is a developmental one. He’ll struggle to separate until he refines his route running but he is assertive with the ball in the air and knows how to use his length to his advantage."

Missouri. Marcus Murphy. 6. player. 15. 7th round, Pick #13 (#230th overall). RB

After a disappointing combine, Murphy dropped on a lot of team’s draft boards. However, the New Orleans Saints looked past those sprints in spandex and looked at what really matters: game tape. Murphy was one of the most explosive returners in college football last year, and he could turn an ordinary run into something special.

The Saints once had a player like this in Darren Sproles, and they will be happy to have another guy like him back in the Bayou.

Mark Dulgerian spoke about Murphy’s role in New Orleans:

"Sean Payton continues to unearth utility running backs he can fit in various roles within his offense. Murphy has potential as a cog in the Saints’ wide open offense if he excels during camp."

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