KC Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft Wish List: Day Three

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William & Mary Tribe wide receiver Tre McBride (3) – Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Surprisingly Tre McBride is still available as we enter the home stretch of the 2015 NFL Draft. A large part of McBride’s drop could be due to the fact that he played for a smaller school in William & Mary, one that isn’t known to produce a lot of studly NFL players.

He might hail from a smaller school, but this kid could do big things in the pros.

Now the KC Chiefs surprised, well no one really, by not taking a wide receiver in the first or second round (especially when Jaelen Strong was RIGHT THERE), but they did get Chris Conley in the third round, and can add another offensive weapon with McBride.

As for when this pick could take place, I’d say either round four or five. Round four is probably more likely, as wide receivers are a hot commodity in the NFL and teams seem to want to draft as many as humanly possible (except for the Chiefs).

We all know that the Kansas City Chiefs didn’t complete a touchdown pass to a wide receiver last season (and in case you forgot, they usually scroll it on the bottom of the screen anytime the Chiefs are on the clock) so adding another wide receiver mid draft sounds like a delightful idea to me.

McBride brings the ability to match up with opposing defenders and really understand what kind of defender they are. He might hail from a smaller school, but this kid could do big things in the pros.

"Teams will have to answer questions about his level of ability to get open because he has the art of catching the ball down pat. Vertical speed and separation quickness appear to be average considering his competition level, so teams must figure out whether to keep him outside or utilize his size and toughness over the middle in the slot. – NFL.com"

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