KC Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft Wish List: Day Two

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Number Three

The third best option for the KC Chiefs in the second round of the draft is defensive end Randy Gregory. Gregory plummeted down the draft boards after he failed a drug test at the NFL Combine. The NFL Combine drug test is known as an intelligence test because all prospects know that there will be a drug test so if you fail it teams question your commitment to football.

The KC Chiefs are no strangers to players that failed a drug test for marijuana just before the NFL Draft as they had a similar issue with Justin Houston. Houston fell to the KC Chiefs in the third round but has rewarded the Chiefs for taking a risk on him by developing into one of the best defensive players in the NFL.

Not very many people would disagree that Gregory is the best player left available in the draft but he will need to prove his commitment to football.

"Uses length well to extend and shoot his arms into blockers. Explosive get-off and burst to advance upfield very quickly, displaying outstanding speed and closing burst in pursuit of the ballcarrier. Quick feet, east moving laterally to avoid blockers, appearing natural in space and on his feet with smooth change of direction movements. Active hands. Never quits fighting to the ball. -Courtesy of Dane Brugler of CBS Sports"

The KC Chiefs don’t have a desperate need but if they are unable to select Green-Beckham or Kendricks and Gregory continues to fall and is available when they select with the 17th pick in the second round then they will need to take a long hard look at Gregory and seriously consider drafting him.

The KC Chiefs have shown a willingness to take in troubled players and often times it has payed off for them. They even proved in the first round of the draft that character issues are not a deal breaker when they selected Marcus Peters.

Gregory is rated as the second best defensive end, and the 16th best overall prospect in the 2015 NFL Draft according to CBS Sports. It is unlikely the KC Chiefs have the opportunity to select Gregory but he has fallen this far so nothing is impossible.

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