KC Chiefs 2015 NFL Draft Wish List: First Round

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Number One

The best option for the KC Chiefs in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft is wide receiver DeVante Parker.

The KC Chiefs went out and signed a star wide receiver named Jeremy Maclin in free agency and released Dwayne Bowe. Most people agree that Maclin is an upgrade over Bowe but there is still more that needs to be done to improve the offense.

Behind Maclin the KC Chiefs have Jason Avant, Albert Wilson, Frankie Hammond, Junior Hemingway, and Da’Rick Rogers just to name a few. Of those five players i don’t see anyone that has proven capable of the number two wide receiver position opposite of Maclin.

De’Vante Parker could come in an instantly be the starting wide receiver opposite of Maclin and would allow the other five guys to battle for the slot position and back up spots.

"Excellent height/length body type with the frame to get stronger. Long-striding speed with natural lower body explosion to get vertical in a hurry. Shows multiple gears in his routes to set up defenders. Quick-starter with the initial movements off the line of scrimmage to gain free release and stack corners, using field leverage to give him room to work down the sideline. Disguises routes well with a strong plant foot, selling his patterns with crisp footwork. Shows some shake in the open field with quick cuts to deceive after the catch and the vision to collect YAC. -Courtesy of Dane Brugler of CBS Sports"

YAC or yards after catch is Andy Reid‘s middle name. Andy YAC Reid would have a field day with Maclin, Parker, Charles, and Kelce all on the field at the same time. If you throw in De’Anthony Thomas and Da’Rick Rogers things just get unfair for opposing defenses.

Like any rookie Parker will need to continue to develop and build his body into a more NFL build but I believe that Parker is the best player that the KC Chiefs have a shot at realistically drafting.

Parker is the third best wide receiver, and 12th best overall prospect in the 2015 NFL Draft according to CBS Sports. If Parker falls to the KC Chiefs at the 18th pick he would be a steal but the Chiefs should package a few of their picks to trade up and make sure they get their franchise wide receiver.

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