KC Chiefs: The Top Ten Playmakers for 2015

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6. De’Anthony Thomas – Running Back

While De’Anthony Thomas (DAT) is technically listed as a running back, he’s this high on my list more so for his prowess as a kick and punt returner.

This guy is electric every time he touches the football. In fact, the first time he touched an NFL football in a Chiefs’ uniform he scored a touchdown.

I know I said that he was on my list because of his kick returning abilities but I would be foolish to say that he didn’t help out on offense. DAT has the speed to outrun just about anybody in the NFL and the ability to almost stop on a dime and change direction.

Any time that Thomas is on the field, the opposing team has to watch out. If they so much as blink, he’s already past them.

In 2014, Thomas averaged 30.6 yards per kick return and 11.9 yards per punt return with one punt return touchdown, according to ESPN.

His returning numbers alone are great. I’m excited to see what he can do for the offense with another year of experience.

Something that really works in DAT’s favor is that he is paired with arguably one of the best special teams coordinators in the NFL with Dave Toub.

Remember, Toub was the special teams coordinator in Chicago when Devin Hester was having all of his success.

Having DAT back for another year gets me that much more excited for the 2015 season. Look for the Chiefs’ special teams to reign supreme once again.

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