Kansas City Chiefs vs. Denver Broncos: Getting To Know The Enemy

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Denver Broncos tight end Julius Thomas (80) Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

Q: What are your biggest concerns on this roster? In other words, where are the weak spots and what areas could be exposed down the road?

A: The biggest and really only concern I have is on special teams. Some guys need to step up, specifically Isaiah Burse who is the punt returner. Burse will do a fine job I think, but I don’t think he prevents the Broncos from searching for upgrades. Every other area of the team is stacked with depth, really, but it would suck to lose any of the starting offensive linemen for continuity’s sake.

Q: How do you feel about this Chiefs game this Sunday, do you believe it will be a wash for Denver? Or do you think a depleted KC team could give the Bronocs some trouble?

A:  I think the Broncos will handle the Chiefs this weekend but you can never take a rivalry game lightly. This is just such a focused, hungry team, and playing at home is a huge advantage. The Broncos need to figure out how to not only take care of business but make sure other teams they play against know they are relentless and willing to pour it on, even when the game seems at hand. The Chiefs have some good players, some that have given the Broncos a lot of fits. It’s not a coin flip like some rivalries, but the Chiefs do present the Broncos with a challenge.

Q: My grandparents are from Denver so I grew up with the Broncos as my least favorite team therefor I have some great memories from this rivalry. Could you discuss one of your favorite memories or a moment that stands out most to you between these two teams?

A: My favorite memory from this rivalry is the one I was there in person to see. I was in Arrowhead in 2013 when Peyton Manning and Eric Decker hooked up for four touchdown passes. That, and they came away with a win. It doesn’t get much better than that, walking down the entire visiting stadium concourse and knowing your team just won, and had a player with as dominant an individual performance as Eric Decker had. That was a good one.