Around the Kingdom: Alex Smith, Alex Gordon, Eric Hosmer, FC KC’s Title


At long last, the Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith agreed to a 4-year contract extension worth $68 million—with $30 million guaranteed. The deal leaves enough room to franchise OLB justin Houston (if necessary) next offseason when Houston will be eligible for free-agency.

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The Chiefs have now committed to Alex Smith as their quarterback for the near future, instead of possibly looking for a new signal caller next season.

What you think of the deal depend on how you view Smith’s late-season improvement last year. If you view Smith’s improved numbers in the 2nd half of 2013 as beating up on weak defenses, then you are not likely impressed. If you see Smith improvement as him getting comfortable in Andy Reid‘ system, you probably like the deal because you expect him to put in a full season that mimics his 2nd half

The Kansas City Royals all but lost their 4th straight game Sunday night, but were spared putting an “L” on the board by a downpour that prevented KC from finishing the home half of the 10h inning after the Indians took a 4-2 lead.

The game will be continued September 22, when KC travels to Cleveland.

FC Kansas City took the National Women’s Soccer League title with a 2-1 victory over Seattle. Combined with Sporting KC’s current reign as defending MLS Champions, KC looks like the center of the U.S. Soccer universe.


"Quarterbacks, no matter who you are, are going to get paid big bucks no matter what because of the market value of their position. This is as much about organizational philosophy and if Smith is the right man to be leading the Chiefs offense. John Dorsey and Andy Reid clearly seem to think he’s the guy for the job, but do you?"


"Putting it all together, the jump in Alex Gordon‘s total WAR to a league leading value really has nothing to do with Alex Gordon. He is the same defensive player he has been over the past few season. What has happened is the league wide level in talent has fallen off in left field thereby boosting Gordon’s numbers substantially. If Alex Gordon gets any MVP love, he may want to thank more than his Royal teammates. The real help came from the rest of the league."

"The general assumption is that the Royals will put Eric Hosmer back at first, slide Butler back to his accustomed role as the designated hitter and find a way to work Willingham, Nori Aoki and Jarrod Dyson into the outfield rotation in right. Yet, while the Royals could use Hosmer’s glove at first, it may not be as easy as just plugging everyone back into their positions."


  • Kansas City Star –  FC Kansas City win National Women’s Soccer League title with 2-1 win over Seattle


"The general feeling that nothing short of Kansas winning its second game, at Duke, will rekindle the interest of a fan base tuning out has some merit to it, but a season-opening blowout reminiscent of the late Mark Mangino years certainly wouldn’t hurt building momentum toward the Duke game.Kansas needs to dominate Southeast Missouri State from the opening series and never let up until it scores its first victory R"


  • Truman’s Tales – Key impressions from MU’s 38-18 season opening win over South Dakota State:

"Although coming out on top, Missouri didn’t exactly do so in the sleek style many were expecting, playing a team that they should have handled easily. While South Dakota State is a formidable FCS team, its program just isn’t on par with Missouri in any respect."

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