Fantasy Football Quarterbacks: Top 10 You Should Target In 2014

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford (9) Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

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Detroit Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford checks in at #4. Although running back Reggie Bush was brought in last season to help make this offense more balanced, the Lions still are a pass-heavy team.

Stafford may not be as good as he is if it wasn’t for one person: Calvin Johnson. Johnson is the best receiver in the league right now, and his stellar skill will upgrade Stafford’s abilities. Stafford will also have the option to throw to former Seahawk receiver Golden Tate, as well as rookie tight end Eric Ebron.

And even when Detroit chooses to use the running back, often times its in the screen game. While running backs do most of the work on screens, quarterbacks get all the rewards for their work.

While Stafford might not be as sexy as a name as others on this list, you won’t care what his name is when he is putting up the stats that he is capable of doing. If the Lions are doing well and winning games, Stafford will be doing well too.