Fantasy Football Receivers: Top 10 You Should Target In 2014

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Chicago Bears wide receiver Alshon Jeffery (17) Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

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Chicago Bears receiver Alshon Jeffery is #9 on my list. As a rookie in 2012, Jeffery didn’t do much to stand out. However, Jeffery turned it around last season and finished as a top 10 receiver option.

Part of what makes Jeffery so good is his height. At 6’4″, Jeffery almost always has the height advantage over the cornerback, which mean he’s coming down with the ball. Receivers like that make good end zone targets, where Jeffery scored seven times last season.

In addition to his height, the offense that Jeffery plays in helps him succeed. Chicago’s offense is fairly balanced, with Matt Forte providing as much for the offense as the passing game does. Because of this, the secondary can’t always “play the pass”, allowing Jeffery to run free.

The only thing holding him back is a teammate of his that I’ll talk about later. Nonetheless, look for Jeffery to have a big impact in Chicago this year.