Kansas City Royals: The Math Isn’t There

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Kansas City Royals second baseman Omar Infante (14) Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Omar Infante could surely help a contender. Of the MLB teams that appear to be in the playoff hunt, the Orioles, A’s, and Giants all need a serious upgrade at second base.

Again, if it were me, I’d be trying hard to deal Infante to one of those teams, even if this is nothing more than a salary dump. Infante is 32 years old, and has already been banged up multiple times this year.

That’s not likely to go down in frequency as he continues to age, and considering that some of his issues have been back-related, that contract has red-flags all over it.

Omar Infante could surely help a contender.  …the Orioles, A’s, and Giants all need a serious upgrade at second base.

As for Jarrod Dyson, he’d actually be the toughest guy for me to part with. He offers good defense, and elite speed, which is something you can’t teach.

He would be an easy guy to trade, because any MLB team would like to have him coming off their bench, and some would probably hand him a starting gig. I’m sure a playoff-bound team would love to have a guy that can cover the ground Dyson can in the outfield, and turn singles/walks into doubles/triples.

Look kids, it’s a falling star…. I don’t know how or why Butler’s performance has plummeted the way it has, but it has nonetheless. There’s no way the Royals are going to exercise (no fat-guy pun intended) their 2015 option on Butler, to the tune of $12.5 million, when they could just buy his contract out for $1 million.

So, if anyone wants to give the Royals anything substantive, I’d be all over it. The bottom line is that Butler peaked two years ago, is now on a steep decline, and the Royals need more versatility from that DH spot.