Kansas City Chiefs: Five Most Disliked Players

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

. Place Kicker. 1994-1995. Lin Elliot. 4. player. 124

Poor guy. He actually had a pretty solid career as a kicker in the NFL. He knocked through 81.7% of his field goal attempts as a Chief, but all of that meant nothing after the dreadful 1996 playoff game.

Elliott missed three attempts in a 10-7 loss to the Colts. A THREE POINT LOSS. THREE MISSED FIELD GOALS. Are you doing the math in your head? Are you angry yet? Because you should be.

Elliott cost the Chiefs nine points in a game that could have potentially changed things for the Kansas City Chiefs organization.

The Chiefs had home field advantage throughout the playoffs that year and were favorites to make it to (and possibly WIN) the Super Bowl, so yeah. Chiefs fans are obviously going to be furious about Elliott not being able to do his job. More importantly, they’re still angry about it because the Chiefs haven’t been able to win a playoff game since the days of Joe Montana in 1993.

Maybe if Elliott could have made two of those field goals, the Chiefs would be a totally different organization now. Maybe they would have advanced to the Super Bowl and won the whole thing. It’s painful to think about how different things could be had Lin Elliott not had his worst game of his career on that very same day.

It’s just not fair how much the football Gods hate Kansas City.

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