Kansas City Chiefs: Five Most Disliked Players

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player. 124. . offensive tackle. 2012. Eric Winston. 74

Now you can definitely tell that this is a youngster’s perspective because Eric Winston played in Kansas City only two seasons ago. That was his only season in Kansas City, as he quickly became one of the most disliked players in Chiefs history.

Here’s the back story.

Quarterback at the time Matt Cassel sucked, right? Fans were sick of watching him throw picks, fumble the ball, and getting sacked every other play. Well, it got so much worse in a game against the Ravens in October 2012.

Cassel was injured during a play and Chiefs fans cheered about it. Winston was interviewed later about the cheering and had A LOT to say about the fans in Arrowhead Stadium.

"“When you cheer somebody getting knocked out, I don’t care who it is, and it just so happened to be Matt Cassel — it’s sickening. It’s 100 percent sickening. I’ve been in some rough times on some rough teams, I’ve never been more embarrassed in my life to play football than in that moment right there.”"

Ooookay buddy. While I’m not exactly proud of what Chiefs fans did that day, Winston should have kept his mouth shut and stayed out of it. Fans hated him from that moment on and I’m pretty sure they booed him for the rest of the season. Fine by me.

The funny thing about all of this was Eagles fans did the same thing weeks later to Michael Vick, and NO ONE made a stink about it like they did with Chiefs fans. Fine, make us out to be the bad guys, that’s fine.

Cassel was already being run out of town and fans were fed up with him so they cheered when he got hurt. Yes, it wasn’t necessary, but it was an act of frustration.

Winston’s rant was an act of frustration too, but he’ll always be hated by Chiefs fans because of his not so kind words about them. Here’s some more of his rant.

"“Matt Cassel hasn’t done anything to you people, hasn’t done anything to you people. Hasn’t done anything to the media writers that kill him, hasn’t done anything wrong to the people that come out here and cheer him. Hey, if he’s not the best quarterback then he’s not the best quarterback and that’s OK. But he’s a person. And he got knocked out in a game and we have 70,000 people cheering that he got knocked out?”"

His rant against the fans of Chiefs Kingdom makes Eric Winston number five on this list.

(Winston’s interview courtesy of Darin Gantt of Pro Football Talk)

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