Around the Kingdom: Jarrod Dyson, Alex Smith, Jorge Claros, Sherrod Collins


The Royals opened the second half of the season with a disappointing 5-4 loss to the Red Sox in Boston. The Royals blew a 3-run lead in the 6th inning that included some rare misplays in the outfield and a botched pitching decision by manager Ned Yost in bringing in Scott Downs.

Red Sox manager John Farrell made the obvious move to pinch hitter Jonny Gomes, who murders left-handed pitching. The result was a 2-run home run that put Boston ahead for good.

Sigh. Now Ned Yost’s tactical shortcomings have against cost the Royals a game. This team can’t afford to bleed wins.

New Sporting KC midfielder Jorge Claros is one of the rare people to get shot in the head and survive to tell the story. I guess this is a guy that is unlikely to panic in “crunch time” on the soccer pitch.

Training camp is now days away for the Kansas City Chiefs. Forbes magazine has just valued the team at $1.09 billion, the 33rd most valuable sports franchise in the world.


"If you’re thinking but the team doesn’t need to get better defensively, they need OFFENSE, you are probably right.BUT, what good will a few home runs do if the guy hitting them costs his team as many — or more — runs as he creates with below-average defense?"


"What I suggest is that the NFL create a minor league structure similar to what Major League Baseball has. First, this would mean that the NFL franchises themselves would not be directly threatened by the new business. Each team will have its own farm team in the minors, and will have special rights to be able to move players up or down from them."

"Smith has a $7.5 million cap number in 2014. Houston has a $1.6 million cap number. Therefore, it’s easier to give Smith a new deal. Houston’s cap number would rise more dramatically with a pay raise and the Chiefs have just under $10 million in cap space."


  • Kansas City Star – Jorge Claros tells the story of getting shot in his native Honduras:

"Somehow, he did not panic. Not at first, anyway. He drove them both to the hospital, parked the car, walked in and saw the shock on the faces looking back at him. Men just don’t walk into hospitals with bullets in their heads, even in the most violent city in a country with the highest murder rate in the world."


"“I’ll be playing somewhere this year. I have a couple offers. I’m going to try to see what’s out there. I might try the (NBA) D-League. If it doesn’t work out, I might go overseas."

There you have it KC fans—the news Around the Kingdom.

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