KC Chiefs: Recap All 5 Players That Made The Top 100

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The KC Chiefs offensive – Mandatory Credit: Don McPeak-USA TODAY Sports

The KC Chiefs had one hell-of-a season, turning around a 2-14 record to 11-5 and a birth in the NFL playoffs.

Though it didn’t end the way we wanted it to, there was still a ton to celebrate, including the brilliant play from five particular athletes. As most of you know by now, Since the 201o season, NFL Network has done a countdown of the top 100 players of that particular year.

This year, the KC Chiefs had five athletes that made the cut, and all five deservedly so.

Personally, I think highly of this list because it is voted on ONLY by the players. No media, coaches, or fans have any contribution in the selection of this list. Because of this, the players hold a high value and respect when their name is placed on it, and the fans eat it up.

Our staff here at KCK has done a great job of keeping you up to speed, posting each Chiefs player the moment they’ve made the countdown.

Today, I wanted to just give a quick recap of each player in numerical order.