Kansas City Chiefs Quarterbacks Throughout The Years, Part 2

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Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

1. Trent Green (Chiefs QB from 2001-2006)


Trent Green was a stud for the Chiefs for six seasons, passing for 21,459 yards and 118 touchdowns. He led the Chiefs to two playoff appearances (both against the Colts) and one division title.

Green came to Kansas City in 2001 after being traded by the St. Louis Rams. Green’s first season was forgettable, but mainly because he threw a high amount of interceptions (he still passed for over 3,700 yards that season).

Trent Green’s best season came in 2003. He led Kansas City to a 13-3 record, an AFC West division title, and a first round bye in the playoffs. Unfortunately, the football gods hate the Chiefs and Kansas City ended up losing the divisional game to the Colts in the ever so famous “no punt game”.

Green took the Chiefs to the playoffs in the 2006 season as well (against the Colts again), but he didn’t play well and Kansas City lost. That was Green’s last season as a Chief. He was traded to the Dolphins and didn’t stay there too long. His last season in the pros was with the Rams in 2008.

While his last few months in Kansas City during his NFL days weren’t necessarily the smoothest, Green will always be admired by Chiefs fans. He did a lot for this town during his six seasons as a Chief and we’ll always love him for it.