Kansas City Chiefs Busy 2014 Free Agency: DON’T PANIC


Kansas City Chiefs guard Geoff Schwartz (74) and tackle Branden Albert (76) Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

If you’ve read the sci-fi/comedy classic The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, you know that what the Kansas City Chiefs are doing is Mostly Harmless. If not,  just repeat these words to yourself, Chiefs fans: DON’T PANIC. Two days of free agency down, and all we have to show for it is holes in our starting lineup and a re-signed Husain Abdullah?

You know what? It’s okay. DON’T PANIC.

Yes, we lost our Pro-Bowl left tackle Branden Albert, our Pro-Bowl kick returner and all-around offensive weapon Dexter McCluster. It’s true that we got beat out for the services of the former number 3 overall draft pick Tyson Jackson, starting guard Jon Asamoah, and veteran swing tackle Geoff Schwartz. But it’s okay. DON’T PANIC.

Quite frankly, Kansas City Chiefs fans have short memories from time to time. Didn’t the whole fan base rail on Jackson for being a terrible pass rusher, not worthy of the place where he was drafted? Weren’t we simply clinging to desperate optimism when we justified having his bloated contract on the roster because he was “pretty good against the run”?

Wasn’t there boundless criticism of Dex and his lack of a true position? How long was it between return touchdowns? (it was about 3 years. I was actually there in 2010)

Didn’t Chiefs fans complain that Branden Albert was more suited for guard and playing out of position? Then people complained that he was hurt too often, remember?

Asamoah was slightly above average at best and Geoff Schwartz was a scrap heap guy, right?

Let’s be honest with ourselves: no one we lost since yesterday is irreplaceable. Let me repeat that: no one we lost this week is irreplaceable.

As of late this afternoon, the Chiefs signed former Indy swing tackle Jeff Linkenbach. He may not be quite the player Schwartz is, but he has been a starter in the league and provides low cost depth at multiple positions. Besides, was Geoff Schwartz worth the $16 million contract he received from the Giants if he wasn’t going to start here?

Former Jet Joe McKnight was signed by the Chiefs earlier in the offseason. He’s a hybrid receiver/running back who has potential in the return game. Sound familiar?

Donald Stephenson made a huge leap forward in his ability to hold down a tackle position last year and has drawn high praise from the coaching staff.

Does losing players look like they are jumping off of a sinking ship? For those concerned about that, let me reassure you. When you’re an under-the-radar player who doesn’t make a lot of cash and you suddenly get league-wide recognition because you’re now playing well on a good team, you get offers from other teams. It just happens

All over the NFL, teams are once again overpaying for free agents feverishly. Jon Dorsey seems to be biding his time, watching the dominoes fall. Does that make antsy Chiefs fans think he’s being passive or not willing to shell out dough for the big names?

Well, I have news for all of those people: Jon Dorsey knows way more about this than you do. Or I do. Or Scott Pioli does.

After the amazing turnaround he helped guide the Chiefs to, Dorsey deserves a little bit of leeway. Be calm, relax. Obsessively check Twitter if that makes you feel better. DON’T PANIC.