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Four Players The Kansas City Chiefs Could Live Without

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Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dexter McCluster (22) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


2013 SALARY: $1,400,000

People love Dexter McCluster. His inclusion on this list is going to make some fans howl with disapproval. He works hard, has been a fun Chief to watch, and made a Pro Bowl, yet he is probably overrated by most fans.

He is not an effective receiver for as fast and elusive as he is supposed to be. As Ben mentioned, McCluster only had 5 catches for more than 20 yards all season. That is not an explosive receiver. It just isn’t. He displays good hands, good work ethic, and he tries really hard, but he just isn’t that effective as a pass catcher.

Now, as a punt returner, he was terrific this season. He made his first Pro Bowl as return specialist, after producing an 11.8 average,  plus 2 touchdowns this season. He was exciting to watch on a special teams unit that played well all season.

The simple truth is that Kansas City needs a better receiver than McCluster. They should be able to find someone that can at least match his production at less than $1.4 million dollars. Almost anyone could match his 8.7 yards per catch career mark.

His 53 catches in 2013 ranked him 62nd in the NFL in 2013, but his 511 yards put him 92nd in the league. Worse yet, his 9.6 yards per catch ranked him 256th. These numbers just are not good enough to justify the Chiefs bringing back.

His new status as a Pro Bowler is certainly going to add at least a few hundred thousand to his price tag. His numbers in the passing game are just too mundane to pay much money for.  These numbers are replaceable.

Yes, McCluster is a popular player for the Chiefs, who displayed some exciting skills at times, especially in returning punts, but he is average, at the very best, as a receiver.

It is the truth, plain and simple. Kansas City cannot afford to bring him back.

These four player earned nearly $20 million in 2013. That is money that could probably be used to improve several areas on the roster. All of these players are replaceable in their own way. The Chiefs need to leave emotion out of it, and let these players move on.

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