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Four Players The Kansas City Chiefs Could Live Without

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Kansas City Chiefs defensive end Tyson Jackson (94) Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


2013 SALARY: $7,200,000

Tyson Jackson has been a hard worker in his five seasons with the Chiefs. There has never been a problem with the effort he has put forth for this team. He just isn’t worth what he has been payed.

He is pretty decent against the run, and his seldom gives up on a play, but he just hasn’t developed into the star player his draft position and his salary say he should be by now.

He has made only 137 total tackles, 75 solo, and 9 sacks in his career. He just hasn’t been productive enough. Removing that huge chunk of salary should help the Chiefs in the long run.

Dorsey will have to find a more productive end, especially one with more pass rushing skills. It won’t be easy, and probably not cheap. It can’t be another Mike DeVito either, not that DeVito didn’t play his role well.

Kansas City will probably select a defensive end somewhere in the draft, but it is unlikely that player will be able to be a starter right away. Dorsey is going to have to find one in free agency.

If Jackson agrees to a much lower salary, there is a chance he could re-sign here, but Dorsey still needs a pass rushing end. Jackson has done his best but he falls just a tad short of what the Chiefs needed of him.