5 Most Important Kansas City Chiefs in 2013

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Kansas City Chiefs running back

Jamaal Charles

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1- JAMAAL CHARLES: The Kansas City Chiefs have produced 5,617 total yards from scrimmage this season. Jamaal Charles contributed 1,980 of those yards, in just 15 games, good for 35.3% of the teams yardage production. He accounted for 37.5% of the yardage in the games he played in. Those are incredible numbers for Charles.

It wasn’t just yardage that made for such an incredible season. The Chiefs had 41 total offensive touchdowns; Charles had 19 of them, or 46.3%, and he scored 50% of the touchdowns the offense recorded on offense in the games in which he played.

Charles led the Chiefs in carries (259), rushing yards (1,287), rushing touchdowns (12), receptions (70), receiving yards (693), and receiving touchdowns (7). It is hard to imagine what the Chiefs season would have been like without Jamaal Charles.

One of the great things about Charles is that he does all of these incredible things with seemingly no ego. He isn’t making outrageous comments to the press, or getting trouble off the field. You never hear grumblings about his work ethic or attitude. He is the consummate professional, on and off the field. You cannot help but admire the man for this talent and his presence.

Charles continues to lead all running backs in the history of the NFL with yards per carry with 5.6. The nearest running back is Bo Jackson at 5.4. Charles now has over 1,000 career carries (1,043), so there is nothing cheap about his stats. He now has 5,823 career rushing yards, which is good for 12th in the league for active players.

In another season, Charles would have received more MVP consideration but with the season Peyton Manning has had, the best Charles can hope for is second or third place (LeSean McCoy also had a tremendous season).

There is no doubt though, that Jamaal Charles is the Chiefs’ MVP.

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