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David Glass: “Whatever happens with Ned is up to Dayton.”


Jul 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Royals general manager Dayton Moore (left) and owner David Glass watch the Detroit Tigers during batting practice before the game at Kauffman Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Two big pieces of news came out today in one Bob Dutton article.

The first piece of news is pretty obvious: Ned Yost’s fate has yet to be officially determined, and Dayton Moore will make the decision on if Yost stays or goes.

The quote from David Glass, per Bob Dutton:

"“That’s his call,” Glass said. “Whatever happens with Ned is up to Dayton, but you can write that I’m pleased with Ned and Dayton both. I like them both. I think both of them are doing a really good job.”"

There are a few things to consider here.

1. Ned Yost still doesn’t have  a contract.

Read the article and you’ll note Moore does not say anything about having made a decision on Yost’s future, commenting he doesn’t make those kind of decisions until after the season is over. Yost not having an extension as of right now is a key detail to keep in mind when forming your own thoughts on whether Yost will be around next year or not.

2. Ned Yost wants to stay.

This isn’t an issue of Yost wanting to retire or wanting a different position within the organization. Dutton cites Yost as saying he wants to return as the manager in 2014 and beyond.

3. David Glass is staying out of it.

This is probably for the best. While having an active owner would be great, Glass isn’t the sort of guy a fan base should want making baseball decisions. It is for the best that he is staying out of it and letting the people he hired take care of this decision.

The other massive piece of news to come out of this is that not only is Dayton Moore going to be back next season, an extension is probably around the corner.

There is a little bit of reading between the lines here, so stay with me for a little bit.

First, if it is Dayton Moore’s decision on what to do with Ned Yost, then there is no way he is is going to be let go after the season. None. Why let the guy you’re about to hire make a decision on your manager? That makes no sense. So Moore is here for at least 2014, that’s a lock.

Second, whoever the next manager is for the Royals, he will be signed to a deal beyond 2014. As Dutton notes, it is rare for a manager’s contract to run past the expiration date the general manager’s deal.

Repeat: It is NOT unprecedented, but it is very rare.

If you’re going to let Moore make the hire for the franchise’s next manager then it would only make sense to extend him so that he is armed with the best leverage possible while reviewing managerial candidates.

Finally, this quote from David Glass:

"“We’re all in this together. Dayton is a part of the family. I think he’s done a really good job.”"

Consider the situation in it’s totality and combine it with that quote, and it looks like you’re going to be seeing a post sometime in October about a Dayton Moore contract extension.

The guess here is Moore’s extension would reflect the length of the contract the next Royals manager signs. A guess: Three-year extension for Moore that takes him through 2017, and whoever the manager is gets a three-year deal with a one-year option added to the end. This would open up the window for both Moore and the manager’s contract to expire after 2017, and would also coincide with the closing of the Eric Hosmer window.

Whether keeping Moore around is the right decision for the Royals is up for debate, but, like I wrote in a previous post, Dayton Moore on a one-year deal is far more dangerous to the Royals than an extended Dayton Moore. At the vary least this is true in the short-term.

As for Yost? Well…