Fantasy Football: Top 10 Wide Receivers You Should Target

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Mandatory Credit: Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

In fantasy football, the position that is probably the hardest in which to predict consistent production is wide receiver. There are so many factors involved including the quarterbacks, the opposing defense, how the running game is going, etc. Every offense position on the field is obviously  influenced by the opposing defense but it can affect the wide receivers the most because they don’t really control how many opportunities come their way.

So much depends on how much pressure the defense is applying on the quarterback, on how well the running game is going, and how good is the cornerback in coverage. A change in quarterback, not only from game to game, but from season to season can alter the production of a wide receiver. So can coaching and coordinator changes.

When deciding which wide receiver to select in a fantasy draft, I look for past production with the same quarterback and coaching staff. That indicates an established connection and trust within an existing scheme. Sounds simple it is hard to find a consistency level year and year out, outside of a few players. Have receivers been able to produce with a number of signal callers or coaches? If so, that guy is valuable.

Then you have to keep an eye an the age factor.

Whenever possible, try to get the top wide receiver that plays with your quarterback. Try to double on some stats there whenever possible.

Let’s take a look at my top 10 fantasy football wide receivers. Just click “Next” to see the list.