Fantasy Football: The Top 10 Quarterbacks You Should Target

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Mandatory Credit: Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

I will note a couple of guys I absolutely love watching play football and that is Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick. I love their mix of explosive running and good passing numbers. My fear with both guys is the heightened injury factor. Because of their exciting style of play, I need to see each play a couple of full seasons without injury to select them as my primary option at quarterback. Either would be great as a back-up for your fantasy roster, where you could play them to cover bye weeks and to possibly take advantage of weekly match-ups. It is too dangerous to count on either because of how many direct hits each will take in the course of the season. Neither is built as solidly as Cam Newton and we already witnessed the fragility with RGIII. Grab them in the second half of the draft, but only as back-ups for now.

I would have loved to placed my hometown quarterback, Alex Smith of the Chiefs, on this list, but there are just to many unknowns about his game right now. No one knows how he will react to to increased workload of passing the ball more, or to whom he will be passing. Even I’m not prepared to put him in my top 10 fantasy quarterbacks just yet. Hopefully, next year…