Is Mike Glennon An Option For The Chiefs?


West Virginia Mountaineer quarterback Geno Smith visited the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday, trying to convince them he was worthy of the number one overall draft pick. It also could have been posturing on the Chiefs part, trying to convince other quarterback starved franchises that Smith is the guy and worthy enough for some desperate team to trade up to get him. Let’s assume for a moment that the Chiefs are going to pass on selecting Smith later this month, or that they are able to trade their pick for more picks later on. If the Chiefs can trade the number one pick, or if they can trade disgruntled left tackle Brandon Albert for some draft picks, are there any quarterbacks out there that can be had in the second or third round that the Chiefs can develop as their future signal caller. How about North Carolina State’s Mike Glennon.

Feb 24, 2013; Indianapolis, IN, USA; North Carolina State Wolfpack quarterback Mike Glennon throws a pass during the NFL Combine at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Matt De Lima from fftoolbox.com wrote this about Glennon:

"Mike Glennon…is not a fully developed player. His arm strength and height have put him on the map though. His throwing motion, mechanics, and experience in a pro-style offense give him a small lead in terms of his readiness to play. He can stretch the field with his big arm and puts a good velocity on his throws."

De Lima also noted that Glennon struggles under pressure, that he needs to work on his decision making, and that he doesn’t scramble well.

Alen Dumonjic from thesidlineview.com had this to say”

"Despite Glennon’s arm strength, he is inconsistent on his deep throws, which seem to be off the mark more than they are on. This issue is particularly noticeable on throws outside the numbers, but the big question is why he has this issue when he has a strong arm?The reason for his accuracy issues can be traced to his footwork which is often the root of problems. Playing football starts with proper footwork and that is where Glennon has very big issues."

Dumonjic sees things a little differently from De Lima. He mentions Glennon’s intelligence and game management as positives.  These two viewpoints seem contradictory.

This summary came from the nepatriotsdraft.com:

"Mike Glennon’s name has been brought up as a possible high first round pick due to the lack of a clear-cut #1 QB this year. While he possesses the prototypical size, NFL arm and ability to run an offense, I see enough holes in his game that would make me very hesitant about drafting him in the first round. His lack of mobility in the pocket and inability to step up vs. the rush is a big concern for me. When he has a clean pocket and time he can make any throw and “wow” you at times. However, when faced with a rush he breaks down and will throw off his back foot, or speed things up usually ending up in a mistake."

Finally, kffl.com’s Cory Bonini had this summary of Glennon’s talent and draft value:

"North Carolina State quarterback Mike Glennon is a productive but awkward prospect who will find his 2013 NFL Draft worth to an NFL franchise predicated on potential.Glennon, who is quite raw, has enough to work with for coaches to see positives in him as a future NFLstarter. He projects somewhere in the second round or even early third, but the premium placed on quarterbacks could overvalue his stock."

It seems obvious that no one should stretch to take Glennon in the 1st round. That doesn’t mean some team won’t. It only takes one team to think they see something special in a guy for him to disappear off a draft board much earlier than anticipated. As far as the Kansas City Chiefs are concerned, Glennon certainly won’t be an option for the first round and if they should acquire a second round pick along the way, they should probably pass on him then as well. As of now, Kansas City’s third round pick is the 63rd overall pick. If Glennon is still there, the Chiefs could throw a dart here. The problem is that if the Chiefs do not make any pre-draft or in-draft trades, and they are unable to acquire any more picks, they will need to address other holes with this pick. It may be too valuable to them to use to select a player that needs a lot of nurturing. The Chiefs need help at wide receiver, the secondary, at middle line backer, and on the defensive line. This is a pick where they could still pull in a talented player who can contribute immediately. Other pressing needs may trump the need for a young, back-up quarterback.

If the Chiefs do acquire an earlier pick somewhere and can fill one of those needs, Glennon would be a decent choice with the 63rd pick. It seems to be the consensus that there are few, if any, quarterbacks in this draft who will be ready to step in and start immediately. Mike Glennon might be a decent option to draft and develop over the next couple of seasons. The Chiefs have not been successful with this for a very long time, or really even attempted to do. It’s time to start.