Helping Others: Collin’s Cause, HR for Hunger and Soccer United


If you want to take batting practice at Kauffman you’re in luck this weeked. (Photo Credit: Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports via US PRESSWIRE)

Charity and philanthropy are a big part of most communities, but in Kansas City and the surrounding areas it is truly a part of the fabric of our lives. I take a lot of pride in that as a resident of this area and I know I’m not alone. The reality is that no matter how much we may be suffering there is always someone out there that could use our help.

While I’m just getting started here on this site, I wanted to take a moment to point out three different ways that you can help out your others and ease their respective burdens.

The first cause is one that Bill Snyder brought to light during a press conference this week. 810 WHB, the locally owned sports talk radio station here in KC (in case you’re not aware), quickly jumped on board to help spread the word. It’s called Collin’s Cause and it is a straightforward fundraiser to help support a young man name Collin Rawley. A student at Manhattan High School, Collin is battling “recurrent medulloblastoma.”

I can’t even begin to imagine what he, and his family, are going through on a daily basis but I do know that medical treatment is ridiculously expensive. The situation is surely taxing and stressful and the last thing they need to be worrying about right now is how they’re going to pay for the medical bills that are accumulating. If you’d like to help out, head here to make a donation.


The second cause is a really cool event that will be taking place at Kauffman Stadium on Saturday, November 10th. The Harvesters Community Food Network and Royals Charities have teamed up to host Home Runs for Hunger. If you show up at the stadium between 10 am and 4 pm and donate canned goods (or money) you will be able to take batting practice or shag balls in the outfield.

For every 3 cans or $2 you give you get to take one swing against a pitching machine and can give as much as you want though the maximum number of cuts you can take is 20. If you’d rather roam the pristine outfield at the stadium, a donation of $25 will get you 15 minutes of action on the field (remember to bring your glove!).

While I have a conflict tomorrow, I hope the Royals make this an annual thing so my kids and I can participate next year. To read more about the event, click here.


The third and final cause relates to the disaster recovery that is taking place after Hurricane Sandy recently crippled areas along the Eastern seaboard of our country. The recovery is going to be long, arduous and yes, expensive. Naturally there are plenty of ways you can donate including giving to the Red Cross directly. However, I recently received an email from Soccer.com (where I purchased my son’s indoor soccer turf shoes) that allows you to donate money to the efforts while also landing a Soccer United T-shirt in the process. The shirt itself will set you back $17.99 but in reality you are donating that money as 100% of the proceeds are being provided to American Red Cross 2012 Hurricane Relief Effort.


I hope you will consider getting involved in one of the three above ways to help out others in need. If not, I hope you have or find your own way of giving back in terms of dollars or time – the latter of which we all know is a critically valuable commodity.

It’s inherently Kansas City and it’s good karma so get out there and pay it forward in any way you can!