ESPN’s Offseason Power Rankings Sell Chiefs Short


ESPN has released their offseason power rankings today and guess where the Chiefs check in?

No. 17.

Probably right where you would expect to be honest.

But is that too high, too low, or just right?

I believe the Chiefs should be higher on that list when you consider teams like the Titans, Cowboys, Chargers and Broncos are all ahead of Kansas City. The Broncos are the EIGHTH ranked team according to ESPN’s panel of NFL bloggers. In the words of ESPN’s Sunday morning NFL Countdown crew, “Come on man!”

Denver added one of the best quarterbacks in the game, I’ll give them that, but who is he going to throw to? Should we be impressed with their additions of Andre Caldwell or Joel Dressen? DeMariyus Thomas is a nice player, who could develop into something more, but Denver’s receiving corps shouldn’t put fear into nearly anyone (maybe the Steelers), and especially not a Chiefs secondary who was among the top 10 in the league last season in passing yards allowed.

Willis McGahee without Tim Tebow doesn’t scare me and neither does anyone else in the Denver backfield, and on defense Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller are scary, but soon to be 34-year-old Champ Bailey? Dwayne Bowe has his number. The Broncos are reportedly looking to sign 31-year-old Marcus Trufant who was recently cut in favor of a former CFL star and a fifth-round rookie? By all means, sign him up too please.

The Chiefs have had a good free agency period, probably one of the best in the league in terms of adding talent at positions of need and although they didn’t make the big splash with Manning, they will likely prove to be a force to be reckoned with come September.

When you look at all of the talent the Chiefs have returning from injury this season as well, you see a team that is poised to bring home a second AFC West crown in the past three seasons regardless of who is wearing No. 18 at Mile High.

As for the Chargers, that organization is attempting their best Oakland Raiders impersonation as of late. It’s a wonder how Norv Turner is still the coach of that team, but as long as he is Chiefs fans should sleep well at night. Philip Rivers had a down year in 2011, which may only get worse in 2012 without Vincent Jackson and as Antonio Gates continues to get older and fatter.

The Chiefs should be the highest rated AFC West team in ESPN’s Power Rankings but they don’t have the hype behind them that teams like the Broncos and Chargers do. But that’s alright because it’s still only March and we will have the last laugh if the Chiefs accomplish what they all believe they can come September.

So what do you think, should the Chiefs be higher, lower, or is 17th just right?

As I type this, the Broncos have just reached an agreement with former Colts tight end Jacob Tamme on a three-year deal, run for the hills!