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KC Chiefs: Cons For 2014 Season

The NFL preseason kicks off in just a few weeks and KC Chiefs fans are pumped up and ready to go! While last year’s 11-5 season was an amazing turnaround, 2014 is going to be much more difficult for the Chiefs.

People might say I’m a bit of a pessimist going into this season, and I think I have every right to be. Did you see the implosion of the Chiefs towards the end of 2013? Because if you did, you might be panicking too.

This team had no defense whatsoever in the back half of the year. It was like once Justin Houston was injured, the defense forgot how to play good football. A lot of that was on the secondary (especially in that horrid playoff game), but it’s still a scary thought.

How can the Chiefs win games against teams like Denver and New England if the defense can’t stop the ball?

On the other side of the ball, the Chiefs needed the most help at wide receiver. So naturally when the draft comes around, they decide not to draft any receivers. Yeah, that’s a swell idea. Granted I do like the Dee Ford pick (and I do complain about the defense a lot), but I think the Chiefs should have picked up at least ONE wide receiver in the draft.

Who does Kansas City have at the moment for Alex Smith to throw to? For wide receivers, Dwayne Bowe is the so-called “go to guy” but he had one of his worst seasons last year. The other guys are Donnie Avery, Junior Hemingway, A.J. Jenkins, and new guy Weston Dressler. Boy I feel better already (that’s definitely sarcasm).

Luckily the offense has shining star running back Jamaal Charles and what should be a stellar tight end team of Anthony Fasano and Travis Kelce. Throw in Knile Davis and Sean McGrath and I’d say the running backs and tight ends look good to go.

Another thing to point out for this season is that the Chiefs have the seventh toughest schedule heading into 2014. While Kansas City will play their typical rivals in Denver, Oakland, and San Diego in six games, they also have to face the NFC West, the AFC East, Pittsburgh, and Tennessee.

Last year, the Chiefs went 2-4 in the AFC West, sweeping the Raiders but being swept by the other two teams. This is not a promising sign for a team that wants to take control of the division. In my mind, there’s not a strong chance for the Chiefs to win the AFC West while Peyton Manning is the quarterback for the Broncos.

As for the other games, the NFC West might very well be the toughest division in the NFL. With the defending champ Seahawks, the always intimidating 49ers, up and coming Rams, and surprisingly decent Cardinals, it’s hard not to be scared of this division. Last time the Chiefs played this division, they went 4-0. I think they’ll be lucky to go 2-2 this time around.

When it comes to the AFC East, I’m only really concerned about the Patriots. Tom Brady is one of the best in the history of pro football, and it won’t be easy squeaking out a win against him on a Monday Night game in Arrowhead. The Bills always seem to give the Chiefs trouble too, and the Dolphins and Jets both torched KC last time they met in 2011.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Chiefs fan, but I’m honest when it comes to my outlook on the season. I think the team will be lucky to go 8-8 in 2014, but even that will be a tough goal. There’s no room for bad secondary play or dropping passes, this team needs to show up each and every game if they want a chance at heading back to the playoffs.

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  • Michael Lizalde

    I think the more underlying reason for your concerns are Alex Smith is not an elite QB. Elite QBs make their WRs better. Not the other way around. No one was complaining about Tom Brady not having a #1 WR last year. Decker parlayed having Manning into a big contract that he will never be able to live up to. Larry Fitzgerald had been a great WR for ever but hasn’t had good QBs. So what does that say about needing a #1 receiver? If we got 8-8, it will be because Alex Smith is nothing more than a 4 yard throwing game manager. If we make the playoffs this year, then it will be because Alex Smith is actually an elite QB. I hope the Chiefs hold off on re-signing him so we know. Why pay top 5 money to a QB that would lead us to an 8-8 record and we have to make excuses for?

    • disqus_hJe6GJzEpp

      Alex Smith is 30-9-1 in his last 40 games. That’s a far cry from the 8-8 record you try to depict. Besides, if you had watched any of the games, it wasn’t AS dropping balls all over the field. It was the recievers. You may not like AS because he’s not flashy enough for you. But he is a winner and exactly what it takes to win a championship. You can have the Vick types that look flashy and lose.
      Reid/Smith will win 9 or 10 games a year.
      Pay Alex Smith

      • Michael Lizalde

        I didn’t depict anything. The author of the article did. Im saying if Alex Smith is an elite QB we surpass 8-8. If not then he is not an elite QB and we should move on from him after this season. I see no reason to pay him anything now as we have him under contract and can use this year as the proper gage to his abilities in the AFC West.

      • Michael Lizalde

        And as far as dropping passes. Chiefs players had the least amount of drops in the AFC West. Charles led the team in drops.

        • Michael Lizalde

          However, I do feel that the last half of the season is a better indicator of how our offense can perform, and that’s good for us and everyone else that wants the Chiefs to pay Alex Smith like he’s Payton manning.

          • disqus_hJe6GJzEpp

            No one is saying pay Smith like Peyton Manning. No one should get paid like Peyton Manning. But the Chiefs need to solidify the QB position. Smith is that guy. If you don’t think you can win a SB with a QB like Smith, you didn’t watch Seattle last year. Smith and Wilson are very very similar players. The problem is there is no middle pay scale for QBs. If there was, Smith should be at the top of that bracket. Not elite, but much better than average.

          • Michael Lizalde

            Then there is nothing wrong with letting him prove his worth this season. He’s 30 years old so he’s not the long term answer. We would be extremely lucky if Smith can produce for the next 5 years like he did last year. Considering how he has never done that, I wouldn’t say the chances are good. If he can produce like he did last year then I’m all for resigning him. If not, then we need to move on from him.

          • disqus_hJe6GJzEpp

            30 years old is the prime of a QB’s life. Look at SB winning QBs. The norm/average age for the winning QB is around 28. Like you said, there’s nothing wrong with letting him play another year and prove his worth- EXCEPT we are dealing with a QB’s psyche, here. They get handled a little differently than the rest of the players. Do we really want to “disrespect” a good QB when the demand for one is so great around the league? Yes we can waste our franchise tag on him if he decides to go elsewhere next year. But why would we do that? We have been a QB famished franchise for decades (since Montana). We have a guy now that throws for 70% has a 3:1 TD/Int ratio and wins 10 games a year. But because he’s not flashy enough for you, we should “make him prove his worth”. In my opinion, he has proved his worth for the last 3 years.
            Pay the man

        • disqus_hJe6GJzEpp

          So, you’re saying the receivers weren’t dropping passes? Rewatch the games.

          • Michael Lizalde

            Re-read what I wrote. Chiefs players had the least amount of drops in the AFC west. Charles led the team in drops. Drops are not an issue. Look up the stats.

          • disqus_hJe6GJzEpp

            I know what you said. Rewatch the games….
            You have to know HOW and WHO determines what a drop pass is. Is that stat a pure number or is it a percentage of passes? Maybe we dropped less because we passed less. Is a reciever that stretches out to make a catch, while the ball hits his hands, a drop? How about if a defender knocks it out of the recievers hands, is that a drop?
            I don’t buy subjective statisitics like that. What I do buy is watching the games and determining where the problem is with my own eyes. Our receivers repeatedly dropped easy catches, time after time. And that wasn’t to the fault of Alex Smith.
            The receivers were the problem. The QB was fine.

          • Michael Lizalde

            Alex smith last year was 60.6%. Over his career he is 59.5%. People have to let 2009 go. Just because we had problems with drops 5 years ago doesn’t mean we still do. I actually have a really good view of games as I’m a season ticket holder. Stats don’t lie. If the ball touches the hands and its not knocked out by the defender, its a drop.

          • disqus_hJe6GJzEpp

            Obviously you feel pretty strongly that AS isn’t your guy. I think you’re terribly misguided. But it is your opinion. You have a right to that. As for stats, you have to know how to use them and how they were created. “Torture numbers enough and they’ll confess to anything”.
            BTW, your definition of a drop is a bit lacking.

    • Suzi Conger

      Sorry michael, but your QB/receiver comments are extremely FB IQ inaccurate and lame

      • Michael Lizalde

        How so?

    • Andy

      You are a BROKEN freekin record. Every post every where. Get a life.

  • Keith Schmedes

    IF, IF the Chiefs can get a signature win early, watch out. I really think we have the talent, it is the mental part of football that seperates teams assuming they have talent. AR is a good coach and motivator. We just need to get that one big win early………..and keep away the injury bug!