Kansas City Chiefs: Top 5 Running Backs In Chiefs History

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The Kansas City Chiefs have a history of great athletes to play the  running back position and today, were counting down the top 5 in team history.

It has been arguably the most successful position for the Chiefs (linebacker being the other) and that’s especially been true for more than a decade now. Lately, it seems like it doesn’t matter if we lose our star running back because there will just be one in the mix waiting.

Hell, even Jackie Battle made a quick name for himself in 2011 when Charles was lost for the season.

Shout out to Tony Richardson, too. He had a 1,165 yards from scrimmage season in 2000, when he filled in as the premier back for one season. And, even though this wont be popular, Larry Johnson had some stellar years as well.

Johnson is the only back in Chiefs history to reach 1,700 yards rushing and he did it in back-to-back seasons. Granted, he did have an offensive line that was full of Hall-of-Fame players but, his style of running was fast and ferocious and he at least deserved a quick shout out.

Now, lets act like I didn’t mention his name.

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  • Joel Wagler

    Great list!!! No arguments from me.

    • Josh Michaels

      Honestly, Larry Johnson should be on this list but.. I just simply don’t like him as a person. I didn’t want him drafted in the first place.

  • John Viril

    Yeah, Larry is sort of like Barry Bonds like that. No one likes him.

    • Josh Michaels

      Lol well said

  • John Viril

    I think Jamaal Charles will, eventually, blow everyone else away in stats. He’s sort of a better Tony Dorsett, and the Chiefs, like the Cowboys in the 80′s, have wisely limited his carries.

  • Reggie Flenory

    No way jamal isnt number one on this list right now no one has accounted for more total offense and ment more to the team than jc

    • Josh Michaels

      He will be eventually. Priest meant a whole lot to our team for about 6 years and is the only player in team history to earn offensive player of the year. He also broke the single season TD record in 03′. Like I said, In two years Jamaal Charles will be number one without a doubt


    List looks good! We’d have Charles on there too. Chat LIVE with Christian Okoye this Friday the 15th and get an autographed CHATOGRAPH transcript certificate! Follow @chatograph on twitter.