Kansas City Royals As Your Favorite Game of Thrones Characters

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Photo Credit: HBO

Photo Credit: HBO


The Kansas City Royals have their own unique cast of characters but we wondered that if the Royals put on their own production of Game of Thrones, which Royals could play which roles?

Game of Thrones, of course, is the HBO phenomenon capturing imaginations world-wide. GOT is a broad landscape of political intrigue, warfare, dragons, and memorable characters set in the mythical land of Westeros. GOT is also HBO’s biggest hit since The Sopranos.

I thought it would be fun to explore what current Royals would play what roles if the Royals were to put on a Game of Thrones play.

Of course, this is only meant in fun, and any role assignments or comparisons are not based on personalities or gender, but on the on-the-field play and skills displayed by Royals players, and their GOT fictional counterparts.

Let’s have some fun!

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  • Ryan DeSpain

    This was a lot of fun. Nice work! I just thought for sure you would say Yordano was one of the actual dragons because he throws fire. But I will accept the Daenerys option as well!

    • Joel Wagler

      Thanks! I don’t do stuff like this very often so it was fun to try it.

  • Josh Michaels

    this was great!