Kansas City Chiefs: 2008 NFL Draft Revisited

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The 2014 NFL Draft is taking place in just a few weeks, and that means it’s the wonderful time of the year where fans go back and look at past drafts and remember the good, the bad, and the ugly. The 2008 NFL Draft was actually held on this day six years ago (all but the first round) and gave the Kansas City Chiefs two of their best players in recent years, including their best player in the 2013 season.

Kansas City had an outrageous 12 draft picks in 2008 (half of them came from trades) and did their best to create a solid team for the 2008 season. Only two players drafted in 2008 are still on the Chiefs’ roster, while only three others are still in the NFL.

The Chiefs owned two picks in the first round of the 2008 NFL Draft. With the fifth overall pick, Kansas City selected Glenn Dorsey of LSU. Dorsey never made much of an impact during his five years in Kansas City. He had 159 tackles and only four sacks.

Dorsey currently plays for the San Francisco 49ers where in one season he managed to record two sacks, half of his total while in Kansas City. Dorsey is considered by some fans to be one of the biggest Chiefs’ draft busts in recent years.

Kansas City also selected left tackle Branden Albert in round one. Albert was snatched up by the Chiefs with the 15th overall pick (which was given to them by Detroit). Albert had a long six year career as a Chief, but recently packed up and left for Miami during free agency.

Side note for the next few slides: The further I go back with these draft revisits, the fewer pictures there are of some players. That’s why you’ll see random pictures of Albert and a few other notable players on slides where they’re not mentioned.

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