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Kansas City Chiefs: Mock Draft Rumors

The 2014 NFL Draft is rapidly approaching and with that, so are the mock drafts. Last year it seemed rather obvious that the Kansas City Chiefs would select Eric Fisher with the first overall pick, but this year the Chiefs aren’t on the clock until pick 23.

With so many mock drafts floating around, it’s hard to follow what the analysts are saying. This year’s draft is also interesting in that there doesn’t seem to be a clear cut number one overall pick. There have been rumors that the Houston Texans could select Blake Bortles, Teddy Bridgewater, Jadeveon Clowney, Khalil Mack, or even trade their first overall pick.

While the Kansas City Chiefs likely won’t land any of those guys just mentioned, they have been linked with several other big prospects.

Sports Illustrated has a draft tracker on their website that is updated once a week. Their latest pick for the Chiefs is wide receiver Marqise Lee of USC. Lee has been one of many receivers linked to Kansas City in the first round. Here is what Sports Illustrated had to say about Lee possibly becoming a Chief:

“A somewhat forgotten man at receiver, Lee might be quick to remind everyone that he had 118 catches just two seasons ago. The Chiefs would love to add another playmaker on offense, especially one like Lee who can stand out as a reliable, comfortable option for Alex Smith in the passing game.”

Other receivers previously thought to head to Kansas City were Brandin Cooks of Oregon State and Cody Latimer of Indiana (the latter by draft analyst Todd McShay in his most recent mock draft, which you must be an Insider member to read all of it).

It wouldn’t be shocking for the Chiefs to grab a wide receiver in the first round. This is said to be one of the most talented group of wide receivers coming out of college in years. Why not take advantage of that and draft one of the better ones?

By the way, I previously covered Lee and Cooks in my wide receiver scouting reports. Just click on their names if you want to read more about them.

Dane Brugler of NFL Draft Scout updated his mock draft on April 21st and has the Chiefs selecting a defensive player, Calvin Pryor of Louisville. Pryor is a free safety and would do great in Kansas City. Our very own John Viril covered Pryor in a scouting report, which you can read here. Here’s what Brugler said about the Chiefs possibly drafting Pryor:

“The Chiefs starting safety opposite Eric Berry is a bit of a question mark right now and drafting Pryor could give Kansas City a long-term option at the position.”

In a bit of a more surprising draft choice, Joel Klatt of Fox Sports predicts that the Kansas City Chiefs will select C.J. Mosley, a linebacker out of Alabama. I recently covered Mosley in a scouting report, which you can read here.

“The Chiefs don’€™t need a linebacker, but seeing Mosley on the board this late will be too enticing. Finding defenders who can play in space and take away the short throws over the middle is a must when facing the Broncos twice a season. Mosley adds tremendous depth to an already stout LB corps.” – Joel Klatt of Fox Sports

It’s an interesting thought. The Chiefs don’t need a linebacker, but could you imagine C.J. Mosley playing with the likes of Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, and Derrick Johnson? Opposing offenses would be terrified.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Klatt has Lee and Pryor off the board by the time Kansas City’s pick rolls around.

Who do you want the Kansas City Chiefs to select with the 23rd overall pick? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook!

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  • Stacy D. Smith

    Lee’s on my second-tier wishlist. I prefer Brandin Cooks, Odell Beckham, Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix, or Calvin Pryor, but if they’re all gone I want either Stephon Tuitt or Marqise Lee. I’m really not a fan of Hageman, a tight end, or a guard at 23.

    • Leigh Oleszczak

      I’m not sure how I feel about us possibly taking Lee. If we’re going with a receiver, I want either Cooks or maybe Beckham.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        I’ve been opposed to drafting Lee all offseason due to his lack of durability. I’ll take him over Hageman, a tight end, or a guard though.

        • Leigh Oleszczak

          Yeah we don’t need to a draft a tight end, at least not in the earlier rounds. Fasano probably has another year or two left and Kelce is going to be a star if he can stay healthy this season. Also McGrath stepped up to the plate for us when he needed to.

          • Stacy D. Smith

            I’m with you. I’m not opposed to drafting a tight end, but we made a number of investments into that position just last year. Doesn’t make sense to spend your R1 pick on a tight end. Guards simply don’t need to be drafted in the top round. Hageman, I just don’t believe in.

            Cooks, Beckham, Clinton-Dix, or Pryor (preferably).
            Tuitt as my next option.
            Lee as a last resort.

    • Hawthorne

      If Beckham isn’t there, Ryan Shazier could be a great grab for us in the 1st, he could rotate in at OLB or start at SILB. He’ll be a good player at either position and give us flexibility next year when it comes to dealing with Hali. Cooks or Moncrief could be solid options as well. If Pryor is there and we think we are going to stick with Sutton as our DC he would be pretty hard to pass on because of his versatility.

  • tgaletti

    If we don’t go receiver with our # 1, assuming Beckham is off the board, I’d like to see us take Jordan Matthews, out of Vandy. I mean he is Jerry Rice’s nephew after all, some of that greatness has bound to have rubbed off on him .

  • tgaletti

    Take Matthews in a later round , if we can, not with our #1 though.

  • sidibeke

    I’d be more excited to take a D player if the value is there at 23. I think 1 more impact player, DL for pressure, ILB for covering backs on short routes, or DB with cover skills (big CB or FS with better wheels/instinct) would make all of the difference. I’m not saying we don’t need a #1/#2 WR, but the O came together the 2nd half of the season; the D fell apart. I think that’s where we need the most help, and I’m not convinced Commings or our 2 FA acquisitions are the answer.

    • Leigh Oleszczak

      I agree. I used to be gung ho on getting a cornerback or safety in the first round, but the talent just might not be that great by the time we pick. Wide receivers are stacked this draft.

  • Scott Hulen

    I think our best bet is to trade down, we were decimated in free agency and have many holes to fill. Draft history states picks 1-10 have an 80% chance of a 8 yr+ career in the nfl, picks 10-20 are about 50% and picks 20-120 are all similar in they average about the same % of success. It also boils down to the position QB, WR high risk when picking 23, S,T,G & LB carry a lower risk. My pick; trade with San Francisco for their 56, 61 & 94th or any other team wishing to give us picks in the 2,3 or 4th round relating to a similar point value (760)

    • Leigh Oleszczak

      Totally agree with you. We have nothing to lose trading down because by the time our pick rolls around, the best names at each position we need will be long gone. I’d rather get at least one pick in the second round, where we might be able to find someone more suitable for us.

      • Scott Hulen

        Thanks, plenty of depth in this draft with a record # of underclassman coming out. My main point is load up on picks regardless of the year in the 2nd and third round. ( if you do not have a top ten pick) Draft guys based on their film and college production! The physical stuff everyone talks about is not as relevant as many might think. The heart of a player, the will of the player, the determination of a player will determine their success in the NFL. If a player goes all out in practice & in games and takes no plays off that’s the guy I want on my team! Dwayne Bowe is the example of the guy I don’t want, he takes plays off, he’s not a team guy and his attention to detail is terrible (route running) God blessed this guy with Calvin Johnson type skills but he is a huge waste and major disappointment because he won’t work at his trade like an underachiever with a chip on his shoulder.

  • Keyto

    Draft Nix lll and move Poe around the D line so he can cause all kinds of problems.

  • Justin

    I like Cody Lattimer more than any of the other wrs, I think he’s worth the reach at 23.