Kansas City Chiefs: 2011 NFL Draft Revisited

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The 2014 NFL Draft is just a few weeks away! Whenever draft season approaches is when most people think back to past NFL drafts and decide who the biggest bust was from that particular draft class. In 2011, the Kansas City Chiefs took arguably one of the biggest busts in franchise history.

The Chiefs may have drafted some snoozers in 2011, but they also did extremely well in the second and third rounds. One of the players drafted has proved to be a huge force on the defensive side of the ball and will be a dominant player in Kansas City for years to come.

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6 Comments on Kansas City Chiefs: 2011 NFL Draft Revisited

  1. Joel Wagler says:

    Even with the total failure of Baldwin – this is probably Pioli’s best.

  2. John Viril says:

    I don’t remember where I read it, but I heard that the Chiefs scouts were standing on the table to pick Colin Kaepernick, but Pioli overruled them. Because of this, I considered listing Baldwin as one of my draft day disasters—but decided I liked Gale Sayers at no. 5, simply because most people didn’t realize the Chiefs drafted him.

    I truly believe that Sayers would have made the Chiefs a dynasty in the late 60′s. Give play-action master Len Dawson a backfield weapon like Sayers, and he would have turned defenders into pretzels with fakes.

    • Leigh Oleszczak says:

      Yeah, who knows if Kaepernick would have been as big of a stud in KC as he is in San Fran though. Same with Russell Wilson. People are like, “We could have drafted him!” but he might not have been as great here.

      • John Viril says:

        Not only that, lets suppose Wilson or Kaepernick worked out. Then we’d still probably have the dysfunctional Pioli regime in place.

        Even still, I LOVED Russell Wilson in the 2012 draft. I saw him on Gruden’s QB camp, looked at his stats, and some of his games, and thought that he’d have been the 1st pick of the draft if he were 6′ 2″.

        Not only was he accurate, his line at Wisconsin was HUGE. Those guys had a higher average height than the Chiefs line at the time. So Wilson was finding throwing windows over big guys already.

        • Leigh Oleszczak says:

          Yup, the reason Wilson was looked down on was due to his height. I don’t always get that. Him and Drew Brees are two of the best quarterbacks in the league and they’re also two of the shortest QBs out there.

          • John Viril says:

            Height is a legit concern. Think of how fast QBs have to read. A short quarterback has to pre-snap read, drop back, find a throwing window and then read the defense.

            That ads a another task, which makes the game faster for them. Yet, Brees and Wilson can do it. So could hall-of-famer Len Dawson, whom my dad said was not really 6-0 like he’s listed. My dad used to eat lunch with him regularly back in the early 70′s.

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