Kansas City Chiefs: Throw Back Thursday, Jason Dunn

Hash tag TBT (throw back Thursday) has become an internet phenomenon over the past few years and we here at KC Kingdom are going to start partaking in the popular tradition via the Kansas City Chiefs. Each week, we’ll throw you back to a different Chiefs player, coach, or event that deserves a trip down memory lane.

For our third TBT, I’ve chosen tight end, Jason Dunn, a player that is often forgotten about because he spent time along side Tony Gonzalez.

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Jason Dunn receives invite to Chiefs Camp
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Now a high school football coach, Dunn is honing his coaching skills thanks to an invite from Romeo Crennel

Dunn started his career in 1996 with the Philadelphia Eagles. He would spend three seasons there before finding his home in Kansas City in 2000. As mentioned before, he’s often forgotten about because of his lack of production due to the fact that the greatest of all time was playing along side him.

Dunn’s best season as a Chief was in 2004, where he caught 17 passes for 120 yards and 3 touchdowns (via SI.com) . But where he lacked in receiving skills, he made up for with blocking. Jason Dunn was crucial for the Chiefs during the Priest Holmes era. Lining Dunn up next to Willie Roaf just wasn’t even fair and with those two setting the edge, and Tony Richardson leading the way, Priest Holmes would have field days, especially in the redzone.

That’s the other thing too, the redzone. Dunn did most of his damage receiving when the offense was in scoring position. He just always seemed to be at the right place at the right time and Trent Green would find him wide open in the back of the end zone. Man was he the perfect tight end for opposite Tony Gonzalez.

Dunn went on to have a 12 year career in the NFL, spending 8 of those seasons in KC. Because of his contributions in blocking and making the timely touchdowns, he is this weeks throw back Thursday. You can enjoy a nice little highlight of Jason Dunn that I posted below.

So lets hear it from all of you. What are some of your memories of Jason Dunn? Start the discussion below and thanks for reading!

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  • berttheclock

    Interesting transition from the days of Jonathan Hayes, who could really block, but had stone hands to Tony G who could block and get open and catch pass after pass and Jason Dunn who was a great blocker, but, could manage to get open, especially, in the Red Zone and catch passes.

    Problem with the newest crop available for the 2014 draft is many of them have tried to emulate Tony G’s skills at pass catching while forgetting about how to block. College coaches have been so excited to have a pass catching weapon, they have failed to teach them how to block.

    A Jason Dunn clone would add greatly to the TEs of the current Chiefs. One major problem for any offensive line is when there are pass blocking problems on the line, the TE has to stay in to block and this really hurts having him roam up field tying up a safety.

    • Joel Wagler

      Nice comment – Agreed!

    • Josh Michaels

      Always a great commenter @Bert! I agree with you as well

  • thabear04

    Aww the good ol days of the Chiefs miss them.