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Around The Kingdom: Danny Duffy, Jason Avant, Blitzes, Small Samples, & Game Of Thrones Ratings



Kansas City is one of the best sports towns in the country, and KC Kingdom has a lot of fun bringing you news from around the area for our professional and collegiate teams.

Few fans are as passionate about their teams than Kansas City fans, whether it is making Arrowhead Stadium the loudest outside venue in the world, or filling up Sporting Park each match, or being Royal in Kauffman Stadium. The area also supports three of the most passionate college fan bases in the country.

Each morning, we will try to bring you some news from around our sports kingdom, in addition to the news, information, editorials, and analysis KC Kingdom already provides.

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Hunter Samuels on Kings of Kauffman reminds everyone not to get too excited or too down about small sizes. Numbers and performances over a week’s games is not indicative of anything. The baseball season is indeed a marathon.

Now that a few games have been played, we’ve reached the point in the season during which fans attempt to attach significance to statistically insignificant data. It’s hard not to do, since these few games are all we have to go on, of course. The only numbers we see are from just a small handful of games, so the natural reaction is to – for lack of a better word – react to that set of data.

On Arrowhead Addict, Ben Nielsen reports that Jason Avant is meeting with the Carolina Panthers. A month ago, Josh Michaels thought Jason Avant could be a fit for the Kansas City Chiefs. (Note – Avant ended up signing with the Panthers late on Monday.)

Lee Warren of Royals Review, gives us a nice recap of Danny Duffy’s first start for Omaha. Danny Duffy evidently looked strong.

Topping out at 95 mph, with his fastball ranging from 91-94 most of the afternoon (according to PitchFX), Duffy gave up two earned runs on five hits and one walk, striking out four in six innings.

On Arrowhead Pride today, Joel Thorman took at look at how often the Chiefs blitzed on defense and how they did. The results are not what I thought they would be.

In terms of how often teams blitzed, the Chiefs ranked 20th in the league…

For a spirited recap of last night’s events on Game of Thrones, check out this show from Winter Is Coming. According to Winter Is Coming, Sunday’s series première drew huge numbers in the ratings.

Returning to an initial viewing of 6.6 million, and ending the night at 8.2 million after two replays, Two Swords marks HBO’s biggest episode of television since The Sopranos’ series finale in 2007.


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