Kansas City Chiefs: Top 5 Free Agent Signings In Team History

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Oct 20, 2013; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah (39) celebrates against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs have made some serious moves in free agency over the years, and today I wanted to count down the top 5 free agent pick ups in team history.

Free agency didn’t really take off in the NFL until the early 90′s, when the great Reggie White made the switch from the Philadelphia Eagles to the Green Bay Packers.

The evolution of free agency has grown so rapidly since then that the announcement of player signings last Tuesday was enough to make your head spin. There was a time when players actually took their team visits, got to know the city and people they were about to work for and live in, but not these days.

It’s a race against the clock to sign the biggest, baddest name on the market. So many teams have over-spent on players that haven’t worked out for them. Like Albert Haynesworth for instance, that guy completely burned the Washington Redskins. Or, Washington again, giving Deion Sanders a 7 year $53 million dollar deal when he’s at the age of 33.

The point is, free agency is a big boom-or-but situation and today were going to focus on the Chiefs biggest booms over the past 20 plus seasons. To start the countdown, simply click “next” or use the arrow keys on your key boad.

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7 Comments on Kansas City Chiefs: Top 5 Free Agent Signings In Team History

  1. Stacy D. Smith says:

    Emmitt Thomas looks an awful like Eric Berry.
    Lenny the Cool had to top this list. Holmes is my favorite free agent acquisition though.

  2. Joel Wagler says:

    Great list, Josh. That was fun!

  3. Stan Colbert says:

    Just happened to see a program reminding me that Dan Saleamuah was a free agent. Not top 5 certainly deserves mention.

  4. Nathaniel Harelson says:

    Hard to argue too many names on this list. I have to agree with you on most of them. The only one I would swap out is Joe Montana has to make the list somewhere, and I’d probably have to remove Brian Waters. Waters was a hell of a pick up for the Chiefs and played a long time, but Joe, even if he only played two years, is the biggest free agent the chiefs have ever picked up. Also, he was the last quarterback to take us to the AFC Championship game, or to even win a playoff game for that matter. I know he didn’t have a long career in KC but he was a monumental name that landed in KC. Otherwise I completely agree with your list. Good Article!

    • Josh Michaels says:

      We traded for Joe Montana. I was thinking more along the lines of just signing. A true fee agent. I should’ve been more specific

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