Nov 30, 2013; Lawrence, KS, USA; Kansas State Wildcats linebacker Tre Walker (50) leads the team onto the field before the game against the Kansas Jayhawks at Memorial Stadium. Kansas State won the game 31-10. Mandatory Credit: John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

Live Game Thread: Kansas State Wildcats vs Michigan Wolverines in Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

A tradition unlike any other: The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl.

Seriously though, it has been about 7,000 years (approximately) since Kansas State last won a bowl game, and that streak needs to end soon. Preferably tonight.

The matchup would seem to bode will for K-State. After a 5-0 start, Michigan lost five of their last seven, and struggled to find consistency on offense in a weak Big 10. Additionally, Michigan will be starting a freshman quarterback tonight, Shane Morris. It’ll be Morris’ first career start. So it would seem like the door is open for K-State to win a bowl game for the first time in a decade.

K-State comes into Tempe pretty healthy, including the return of Ty Zimmerman according to some reports. Add in a rested and healthy Daniel Sams – who had been dealing with a banged up shoulder – and a fresh John Hubert. Hubert should be pretty motivated as this will be his last game at K-State.

You can find the game preview here while you wait for kickoff. My prediction for the game is a narrow K-State victory, say 31-27. What do you guys think?

(Note: Look for random updates to this post throughout the night in addition to live thread below.)



I’m sure Michigan fans feel like this Maple Leafs fan right now…


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190 Comments on Live Game Thread: Kansas State Wildcats vs Michigan Wolverines in Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl

  1. Ben Nielsen says:

    Well this should be interesting. Let’s make this happen!

  2. Ben Nielsen says:

    ESPN doing a great job of hyping the K-State game by talking about Teddy Bridgwater and Bill O’Brien. Well done, WWL.

  3. Ben Nielsen says:

    Hey, one minute before kickoff ESPN’s studio show mentions that their is a game on!

  4. Ben Nielsen says:

    Not that I’m bitter about ESPN or anything……..

  5. Ben Nielsen says:

    Be sure to refresh this post every once in a while to see what new tweets/pics/musings have been added.

  6. Ben Nielsen says:

    Welp, here goes nothin’…

  7. Ben Nielsen says:

    Nothing like starting a game off right… with an offsides penalty.

  8. Joel Wagler says:

    It is just wrong seeing Santa wear purple.

  9. Ben Nielsen says:

    Man, when Jake Waters in on he is deadly. It’s a shame he’s so bad when he’s not.

  10. Ben Nielsen says:

    Waters is sneaky fast.

  11. Joel Wagler says:

    The Wildcats have been brilliant on third down thus far. 4-4!

  12. Ben Nielsen says:

    Sams in for red zone snaps… about time.

    • Joel Wagler says:

      I was just thinking about how it didn’t make sense to take Waters out when they were moving the ball so well with him.

  13. Ben Nielsen says:

    Waters in for third and goal…

  14. Ben Nielsen says:


  15. Joel Wagler says:

    Who else? Tyler Lockett!

  16. Ben Nielsen says:

    Bigger miracle: K-State with the early bowl lead or Joel’s third down jinx failing?

  17. Ben Nielsen says:

    That was a 7 minute, 41 second drive by K-State by the way. #SnyderBall

  18. Joel Wagler says:

    It would be huge if K-State can force a 3-and-out.

  19. Ben Nielsen says:

    This is K-State’s first bowl lead since the 2010 Pinstripe Bowl.

  20. Kim Hall says:

    Let’s go defense!!

  21. Ben Nielsen says:

    Shane Morris. Shane Morris. Shane Morris. Shane Morris. Shane Morris.

  22. Joel Wagler says:

    Hey Kim! How are ya?

  23. Ben Nielsen says:

    Is there a better name for a tight end than “Butt”?

  24. Joel Wagler says:

    The Wildcats defense was leaning the wrong way on that play…

  25. Joel Wagler says:

    Good hit by Britts!

  26. Ben Nielsen says:

    Morris threw that thing about 700,000 mph.

  27. Joel Wagler says:

    Awesome coverage by Daily. Wow!

  28. Joel Wagler says:

    Wildcats buckled down in the red zone with some tight D

  29. Ben Nielsen says:

    Holy crap, Roberts covered somebody! It’s a bowl day miracle!

  30. Ben Nielsen says:

    You can go ahead and count that field goal as a stop.

  31. Ben Nielsen says:

    Tyler Lockett man. So freaking fast.

  32. Joel Wagler says:

    Lockett is pretty awesome

  33. Ben Nielsen says:

    Chiefs could use Lockett.

  34. Ben Nielsen says:

    Waters never runs that jump pass well.

  35. Kim Hall says:


  36. Joel Wagler says:

    Hubert running with purpose tonight

  37. Ben Nielsen says:

    All Lockett, all the time.

  38. Joel Wagler says:

    Tyler Lockett for Governor!

  39. Kim Hall says:

    Wow – did that take forever to get there or what? Waters to Lockett for another KSU touchdown!!!

  40. Ben Nielsen says:


  41. Tom Fontana says:

    Lockett runs routes better than just about anyone in the country

  42. Joel Wagler says:

    The Wildcats couldn’t have hoped for a better first quarter.

  43. Joel Wagler says:

    It’s nice to see Zimmerman back in uniform for his last game

  44. Ben Nielsen says:

    Nothing like breaking your leg and then playing in a football game a month later.

  45. Tom Fontana says:

    Michigan setting up for a deep pass with all of these screen passes

  46. Ben Nielsen says:

    Shane Morris. Drink!

  47. Ben Nielsen says:

    Probably should have tossed it…

  48. Ben Nielsen says:

    Pretty sizable hold by 77 for Michigan. Not sure how they miss that.

  49. Ben Nielsen says:

    There’s that deep ball, Fontana.

  50. Ben Nielsen says:

    BUTT! Drink!

  51. Ben Nielsen says:

    (Note: I’m making this drinking game up on the fly.)

  52. Nathan Edwards says:

    K-State needs to get some pressure on the quarterback.

  53. Ben Nielsen says:

    BUTT! Drink.

  54. Ben Nielsen says:

    Mueller blew that up.

  55. Nathan Edwards says:

    Bending but not breaking.

  56. Tom Fontana says:

    Another impressive hold in the Redzone for the defense

  57. Kim Hall says:

    I’m okay with Michigan scoring a field goal every time we score a TD.

  58. Ben Nielsen says:

    Nightmare red zone offense for Michigan. It’s like they don’t know what to do without Gardner in there.

  59. Ben Nielsen says:

    Lockett is going to run one back before the game is over.

  60. Joel Wagler says:

    Little Gronk!!!

  61. Ben Nielsen says:


  62. Kim Hall says:


  63. Ben Nielsen says:

    Hubert plays bigger than he is. Seems to be a trend for K-State football.

  64. Ben Nielsen says:


  65. Joel Wagler says:

    Lockett is going to break all the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl receiving records…

  66. Nathan Edwards says:

    Looking good so far! Go State!

  67. Kim Hall says:

    Tyler Lockett ties the KState record for bowl TD receptions!!

  68. Tom Fontana says:

    Scared to death Lockett might leave for the NFL

  69. Kim Hall says:

    Like to see the defense get a stop here.

  70. Joel Wagler says:

    Have you heard that new group – Marky Mark and the Funchess Butt

  71. Ben Nielsen says:

    Via the Twitters: “@suss2hyphens: BWW BOWL HALFTIME: Michigan coaches revisit the game film they studied. “Oh, shit, Kansas STATE.””

  72. Joel Wagler says:

    That was a quick first half. Maybe I will be in bed by 12:30

  73. Ben Nielsen says:

    So that first half went decently.

  74. Joel Wagler says:

    Half times suck for live blogs. Can we fast forward?

  75. Ben Nielsen says:

    You can refresh the page to see a pretty fantastic Vine I posted.

  76. Ben Nielsen says:

    Waters 9-11, 128, 3 touchdowns

  77. Ben Nielsen says:

    Hubert has 7 carries for 46 yards. 6.6 yards per carry.

  78. Ben Nielsen says:

    You’d have to think there will be a lot more Hubert in the second half.

  79. Ben Nielsen says:

    I wish there were more commercials…

  80. Ben Nielsen says:

    Shane Morris is 15-19 for 121 yards. But he’s been pretty much worthless in the red zone.

  81. Joel Wagler says:

    Here we go…

  82. Ben Nielsen says:

    I think Michigan just doubled their rushing yards on that play.

  83. Joel Wagler says:

    Another good defensive series by KSU

  84. Joel Wagler says:

    Lockett IS human!

  85. Ben Nielsen says:

    Lockett. Whoopsadoodle.

  86. Joel Wagler says:

    That could have been HUGE

  87. Joel Wagler says:

    The Wolverines just aren’t in sync tonight.

  88. Kim Hall says:

    Michigan the 1st to call timeout in both halves tonight….that’s something for KState.

  89. Ben Nielsen says:

    That’s getting challenged. Waters was short.

  90. Joel Wagler says:

    This may be over rued. He looked short

  91. Kim Hall says:

    Wow, I’ll take it!

  92. Ben Nielsen says:

    Officials botched that.

  93. Joel Wagler says:


  94. Joel Wagler says:

    Wonder if Craig is watching. He hates replay. That won’t help any.

  95. Joel Wagler says:

    Whoops. If nothing else, the Michigan defense is spending a lot of time on the field.

  96. Ben Nielsen says:

    Thompson was slightly open. Slightly.

  97. Joel Wagler says:

    Great play by Waters right there. Showing some nimbleness

  98. Joel Wagler says:

    And I thought picks were illegal…well, outside of Denver anyway

  99. Ben Nielsen says:

    That was a significant hole Hubert had to run through there. Sheesh.

  100. Kim Hall says:

    The only thing slowing down the Cats are penalties.

  101. Joel Wagler says:

    That may have pushed them back out of field goal range. They need a few good plays right here

  102. Ben Nielsen says:

    15 yards of penalties? No worries. Someone will be open 30 yards down field.

  103. Ben Nielsen says:

    I’d go for it here.

  104. Ben Nielsen says:

    Not that they will, but I would.

  105. Ben Nielsen says:

    Should have gone for it.

  106. Joel Wagler says:

    KSU leads the time of possession category 21:04 to 18:13. Seems much much more.

  107. Joel Wagler says:

    Impressive throw by Morris

  108. Tom Fontana says:

    K-State’s long snapper Marcus Heit doesn’t make the bowl trip for the second time in three years. How does a long snapper struggle with grades

  109. Ben Nielsen says:

    Michigan is really bad at tackling.

  110. Ben Nielsen says:

    Waters has to be the early favorite for best quarterback in the Big 12 who doesn’t go to Baylor.

  111. Ben Nielsen says:


  112. Joel Wagler says:

    Just plain bad luck for the Wildcats on that.

  113. Ben Nielsen says:

    Way more pressure in this half from K-State.

  114. Joel Wagler says:

    Penalties and some other mistakes not helping the Wildcats in the second half.

  115. Joel Wagler says:

    That penalty actually cost KSU about 40 yards in field position

  116. Ben Nielsen says:

    Sexton is the one who is related to John Dorsey somehow, right?

  117. Kim Hall says:

    Nice catch by the smart guy.

  118. Joel Wagler says:

    I’ve watched Michigan a couple of times this season. I don’t remember them being this bad defensively. Gardner may have helped the game be closer but KSU has only been stopped by KSU tonight.

  119. Ben Nielsen says:

    Go for it.

  120. Joel Wagler says:

    KSU defense just needs to bury the Wolverines right here. Bury them neck deep

  121. Ben Nielsen says:

    The Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl has been around for 25 years? *Is told it was to Copper Bowl previously.* Oh.

  122. Ben Nielsen says:

    Man, Morris has pretty terrible accuracy. Strong arm, tho.

  123. Joel Wagler says:

    Michigan hasn’t been good tonight. Kudos to the Wildcats for their play tonight. They WERE good tonight.

  124. Ben Nielsen says:

    Hey, K-State may actually win a game with Eric Stonestreet in attendance.

  125. Joel Wagler says:

    That is a lot of laundry on the field at one time.

  126. Ben Nielsen says:

    All the pick plays.

  127. Joel Wagler says:

    Looks like the Wildcats are winding down an impressive game. Congrats to Kansas State.

  128. Ben Nielsen says:

    Barnett with the pick, giving Lockett a chance at four touchdowns.

  129. Ben Nielsen says:

    Or Hubert. That’s fair.

  130. Ben Nielsen says:

    Hubert, touchdown. That may be his last carry as a Wildcat.

  131. Ben Nielsen says:

    Bill Snyder with the Gatorade bath and he is not pleased.

  132. Ben Nielsen says:

    Maybe should have run that two-point play earlier, Brady.

  133. Ben Nielsen says:

    K-State wins! Sweet.

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