Holiday Wish List For The Kansas City Area Sports Teams

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Kansas City Royals first basemen Eric Hosmer (35) celebrates with teammate Billy Butler (16) Mandatory Credit: Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports



This time a year, almost everyone has some kind of wish list – what they would like for a gift, the health and safety of family and friends, world peace, whatever it may be. Sports fans dream of championships, or wish and hope that their team isn’t terrible.

I try to infuse my wishes and hopes for my sports teams with a dose of reality, and just a hint of a dream. I try to wish for something that could POSSIBLY come true, even if it might be unlikely.

I’ve compiled a little list of holidays wishes for the local teams we cover here at KC Kingdom. Some of these teams and schools I have followed for years, and have been a big fan of my whole life. Others are schools with which mine have a deep seeded rivalry, and it is sometimes hard to wish for anything positive. There is one team I am just now starting to follow, as if I needed another sport to watch.

As editor for KC Kingdom, one of the perks is that I have learned to appreciate all the teams and their fan bases, even those for the schools I never supported in the past. I find myself secretly wishing for the success of teams I have loathed for decades (Missouri!). I can’t help this, and the reality of it startles me more than a little.

We cover a lot of ground a KC Kingdom, and it is also more fun to write about the positives (but easier to write about the negatives), so I wish for success for all the schools and teams so beloved in the Kansas City area, to just a certain extent though, on some of them.

Here is my wish list for teams and schools in the KC Kingdom – Sporting Kansas City, Wichita State, Missouri, Kansas State, Kansas, Kansas City Chiefs, and Kansas City Royals.

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