Did Jack Harry Say "Gayhawks"? [Video]

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Did Jack Harry just say “Gayhawks” last night on tv?

In a discussion with Frank Boal about whether or not the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team is overrated after their 75-72 loss to Colorado.

Was it a slip of the tongue or an innocent mispronunciation? Or was it a Missouri Tigers fan using a gay slur that is popular to demean Kansas athletics? KSHB says Jack Harry did not say “Gayhawks” during last night’s broadcast.

Here’s the video in question:

Here is what KSHB is saying right now:

Here’s the statement in full:

While Jack Harry is opinionated, he knows the difference between legitimate sports discussion and unacceptable, uncalled for language. After speaking at length with Jack, we believe Jack when he tells us that is not what he said.

We stand by Jack and encourage him to speak his mind when it comes to sports in Kansas City and beyond.

The Facebook statement included a video of Jack with an explanation.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Harry has said “Gayhawks” before or uses the term frequently. He’s noted for being a crass individual and is a big time supporter of Missouri athletics. The two combined would lead one to believe he would have said such a thing. But I do question whether or not that is actually what he said last night.

…I think. It certainly sounded close to it.

What do you think? Did he say “Gayhawks” or was it just an unfortunate mispronunciation?

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