NFL Power Rankings: Broncos-Chiefs Matchup Will Answer A Lot of Questions

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Nov 11, 2013; Tampa, FL, USA; Fans hold up a sign celebrating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers


32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 1-8

Figures that when Jacksonville finally gets their first win that Tampa Bay would win their first, too.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 1-8

Tampa avoids falling to the dreaded “32″ spot with a clutch victory over the Miami Dolphins.

30. Minnesota Vikings

Record: 2-7

Free Adrian Peterson.

29. Miami Dolphins

Record: 4-5

Begin total and complete collapse… now! Remember when they were 3-0? Seems like forever ago.

28. Oakland Raiders

Record: 3-6

The momentum is building for a Johnny Manziel selection in the 2014 NFL Draft.

27. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 3-6

So Pittsburgh beat E.J. Manuel in his return. Fantastic. We’ll know more about the Steelers when they have to chase down Reggie Bush and Calvin Johnson next week.

26. Buffalo Bills

Record: 3-7

Buffalo has to find some kind of stability in the running game over the offseason. C.J. Spiller is dynamic, but always hurt. Fred Jackson will be 33 soon. Get that fixed and Buffalo could become very good, very fast.

25. New York Giants

Record: 3-6

The weird thing is New York still has a tremendous shot at winning the division. Insanely bad play from the NFC East this season.

24. Houston Texans

Record: 2-7

Ed Reed was cut on Tuesday. Is finding a new head coach next on the list?

23. Atlanta Falcons

Record: 2-7

If Atlanta finishes 4-12 or worse, does Mike Smith get fired? Maybe he should. Yes, they’ve had the injuries, but there is no reason for this team to be 2-7 ten weeks into the season.

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12 Comments on NFL Power Rankings: Broncos-Chiefs Matchup Will Answer A Lot of Questions

  1. Chuck Burrell says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this. Nice post!

  2. Tra Tha Chief says:

    How did buffalo shut down Jamaal Charles lol? he rushed for 93 yards …. that’s a good game….

    • Ben Nielsen says:

      6 catches for 6 yards on 7 targets. Without an effect Charles in the passing game (he is the team’s leading receiver after all), the Chiefs have no passing game. His rushing yards mean little to opponents so long as he doesn’t bust a long touchdown run.

      • Tra Tha Chief says:

        he hasn’t busted any long touchdown runs on the year I think he only has one rush over 20 yards for the entire season…. you cant compare a good game or bad game to the same running back you have to compare a good game or bad to his competition…. and 93 yards rushing is a great game who cares if they locked down him receiving lol he average 5.3 yard per carry that’s is top tier ypc and that’s his best ypc all year long lol but yet the bills locked him down…. So did every team lock him down before that game as well? they didn’t shut him down because he didn’t lead our team in receiving yards lol he’s our running back…. All gameplans are different for every team and this team can stop the pass and not the run up the middle and that’s what we exploited…. and sorry to break it to you but we do pass the ball other than to Jamaal Charles I mean we do average 213 yard passing a game and that’s with two poor performances by alex smith against the bills and raiders which he passes for 124 and 128…. blame alex smith but to say Jamaal Charles was on lockdown because the check down didn’t work that game is like saying alex smith had a bad game against the jaguars because he threw for only 173 yards…. but really he had a qbr of 94.4 its all about the gameplan and our gameplan was to run it on this team which we did efficiently and effectively…. but overall it was a bad game for our team but we still got the W but Jamaal Charles was probably our best player that game so to say he was shut down is dumb…. to say he was shut down in the passing game thats acceptable…. even if you add those catches into his yards per touch he is still at 4.04 thats still great lol…. theres no way to say he was shut down is all im saying….

      • Tra Tha Chief says:

        But still a great post Ben I was just comment on that subtle detail….

        • Ben Nielsen says:

          No worries, man. I get where you’re coming from on the “shutdown” part. You make a good argument.

          Thanks for reading.

  3. ahrcshaw says:

    I do not understand the NE Patriots comment about helping the KC next Sunday night, when they play the Panthers on Monday night? Go Panthers and pound those NE Patriots.

    • Ben Nielsen says:

      My definition of “next Sunday” is November 24, not November 17. New England plays Denver on November 24. Whether I should have said “this,” “next”, or “another” Sunday, I don’t know. My apologies for the confusion.

      • ahrcshaw says:

        Not a big deal, but a week from this Sunday would have been proper. Another question, why did you jump a week ahead for NE only?

        • Ben Nielsen says:

          You’ll find there is a lot of things I do that do not make sense.

          • ahrcshaw says:

            Join the club, I am a master at it. Have a good day and Go Panthers and pound those NE Patriots this Monday night. hmmmm this Monday or next Monday.

  4. ahrcshaw says:

    The Panthers are number 5 and charging, I believe Smitty was right when he said ” we will meat you (Sea Hawks” again deep in the playoffs” after a close first game loss. The Panthers are young, smart and for real. Go Panthers and pound those NE Patriots on Monday night.

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