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Fantasy Football Thursday Edition: Washington Redskins Vs Minnesota Vikings




WHEN: 7:25 p.m. CT

WHERE: NFL Network

This could actually be a pretty good game with two of the most exciting individual players in the league in Adrian Peterson and Robert Griffin III. It may not be the prettiest of games but may be sort of entertaining. For both teams, it could be a game they can win.

With Fantasy Football roster decisions due today in regards to the players taking the field tonight, let’s take a look at some of the pertinent information about the Redskins and the Vikings.


Considering how late it is in the season, this a pretty amazing thing but neither team has any significant injuries that would affect your fantasy rosters. You needn’t bench any  our your Washington Redskins or Minnesota Vikings due to health reasons.



Alfred Morris has played his way into elite back status, as far as this term applies to running backs in this day and age. He finished second in the NFL last season with 1,613 yards on the ground. Morris presently is the third leading back in the league as far as yards per game at 85.8. He has become a back you must start every week against even the stingiest of run defenses.

Pierre Garcon has also become a reliable source of receiving yards as he averages 85.5 yards a game through the air, the 14th best mark in the league. He has become a favorite of quarterback Robert Griffin III, and can be started against most match ups as a second wide receiver. Against Minnesota’s porous defense, he is almost a must start.

Robert Griffin III is still a work in progress. He makes a nice fantasy back up but really shouldn’t be considered an every week starter. He is 11th in the league in yards (2,169) and 1oth in yards per game (271). He isn’t running as much or as effectively but he still has 257 yards rushing. He had 27 total touchdowns last season but he has only tallied 9 this season, to go with 9 interceptions. Again, he could be in line for a big night against a defense that is less that stellar.

Adrian Peterson (28)

Of course, on the other side of the field, Adrian Peterson awaits. Peterson is still the number one fantasy running back in football. He ranks first in rushing yards per game with 88.9. He is 4th overall in total rushing yards with 711, and he is tied for second in rushing touchdowns with 7, behind only Denver’s Knowshon Moreno. He is a must start every week.

After Peterson, the Vikings’ fantasy options are few and far between, as you would expect from a team with one win. Neither of their top two receivers are in the top 40 in the league in either receptions or receiving yards.

If you have to cover a bye or have injuries to your wide outs, Jerome Simpson and Greg Jennings would be acceptable replacements, but  you never know if the quarterback can get them the ball.

Washington has one of the worst pass defenses in the league (as does Minnesota), so if this is the week you have to play a Viking receiver, it could be worse.

Christian Ponder is starting this week for Minnesota, and if you are desperate for a quarterback, he might be an option, only because the Redskin pass defense is so bad. Personally, I would look elsewhere.

This game has a chance to be an exciting, high scoring affair between two teams that need something to go right for them. Look for a lot of points, and healthy doses of Adrian Peterson and Alfred Morris. It might actually be a fun game to watch.



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