NFL Power Rankings: Chiefs NFL’s Only Remaining Unbeaten

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Oct 21, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Giants defensive end Justin Tuck (91) sacks Minnesota Vikings quarterback Josh Freeman (12) during the second half at MetLife Stadium. New York Giants defeat the Minnesota Vikings 23-7. Mandatory Credit: Jim O


32. Jacksonville Jaguars

Record: 0-7

Previous Ranking: 32

Is this the worst football team ever in the Super Bowl era? It seemed as if the winless Lions team was better than the Jaguars.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Record: 0-6

Previous Ranking: 30

A train-wreck in every single way. An organizational overhaul is need but will ownership be able to lure in the talent they so desperately need? There’s a lot of talent to work with in Tampa and this is a great quarterback class in the draft, so there is a lot of appeal to the job.

30. Minnesota Vikings 

Record: 1-5

Previous Ranking: 28

It would appear that whoever is in charge of calling the plays for the Vikings forgot that Adrian Peterson was in the backfield.

29. New York Giants

Record: 1-6

Previous Ranking: 31

A victory! Hooray! They are still a mess, though.

28. St. Louis Rams

Record: 3-4

Previous Ranking: 21

Has Sam Bradford played his final game as St. Louis starting quarterback?

27. Oakland Raiders

Record: 2-4

Previous Ranking: 25

Terrelle Pryor spent the bye week working on his ability to throw the ball downfield. If he were to master that he’d become a very dangerous quarterback given his running ability.

26. Cleveland Browns

Record: 3-4

Previous Ranking: 18

Branden Weeden is 0-4 as the Browns starting quarterback this season. This is all you need to know about the Browns.

25. Arizona Cardinals

Record: 3-4

Previous Ranking: 19

Arizona can make a move with Atlanta, Houston, and Jacksonville all due up for them over the next month.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers

Record: 2-4

Previous Ranking: 29

Pittsburgh is 2-0 since the bye and have Oakland this week. Surge has been fueled by a defense that has allowed only 22 points in two games.

23. Tennessee Titans

Record: 3-4

Previous Ranking: 16

Tennessee has lost to Kansas City, Seattle, and San Francisco. After the bye they get St. Louis and Jacksonville, a much needed respite.

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  • ……ChiefsFan……

    I see what you did there Ben. I’m not gonna hate on you this week, mainly due to superstition, and I don’t want to jinx things. I can handle the team of destiny title, as long as that changes WHEN we beat Denver.

    • Ben Nielsen

      If KC beats Denver then, yes, things will change.

  • Mark Bustamante

    I don’t care how the KC CHIEFS WIN their games. All I know is that they win. This season so far has been beyond expectations and I love it. I have them as 8-8. It can still happen but then again they could make the Super Bowl. Only time will tell but they so deserve some respect for what they have accomplished

    • Wyatt Converse

      Yup, they so do.
      ‘spect y’all!

  • hunger

    I don’t like power rankings that don’t show the current best team as #1. I get this is a KC publication, so have your fun, but we can all look at the standings page to see who has the most wins.

    • Ben Nielsen

      Confused. KC has the most wins thus the reason why they are ranked number one.

      • hunger

        It’s not really that confusing.
        Power rankings are a list ordered by the best teams ‘right now’.
        Standings are a list if teams in order of record.

        Power rankings should be based on some analysis, not just best record = #1. If KC were to play Denver or Seattle (and probably a few others) on a neutral field this week, who do you think would win. (I’m pretty sure you will say KC, but that would only be correct about 5 percent of those matchups).

        • Ben Nielsen

          You said: “We can all look at the standings page to see who has the most wins.” Answer to that is the Chiefs.

          You said: “Power rankings are a list ordered by the best teams ‘right now’.” Right now the Chiefs are 7-0.

          So why do you want me to break the rules you have already set?

          Also, I state Seattle was the best team in the NFL in the power rankings.

          “The unofficial best team in football, Seattle…”

          Also, there is a reason I didn’t but the Chiefs on the Super Bowl contenders page…

          • hunger

            It looks like I won’t be able to make you understand that the best team does always equal the team with the best record. You have to consider things like strength of schedule, recent convincing wins, etc., etc.

            That’s actually what triggered my initial comment, when you said “the unofficial best team in football, Seattle..” I thought, OK I think I agree with that, so why don’t you put Seattle as #1 (aside from this being a KC pub, of coarse).

          • Ben Nielsen

            I think Seattle is the best team in the NFL. I think the power rankings reflect that even if the number next to the team does not say “1.”

          • hunger

            All right, I won’t bug you about it anymore, but I will leave you with this interesting conversation that I listened to between Brock Huard and John Clayton last night. It went something like this:
            John: I have voted the Chiefs as #1 in the latest ESPN power rankings.
            Brock: Do you really think KC is the best team in the NFL right now?
            John: Of course, they are 7-0.
            Brock: OK, do you think if they played Seattle on a neutral field right now, that they
            John: No, 9 times out of 10, they would lose.
            Brock: Then why do you have them as #1?
            John: [changes the subject]
            I don’t think that the professor likes to be dissagreed with.

          • Ben Nielsen

            Seattle probably wins six of 10 against the Chiefs on a neutral field. I don’t think the gap between the Chiefs and Seahawks is that great. But Seattle is definitely a better team.

  • Mark Rogers

    Is Denver’s schedule that much different than the K.C. Chiefs? I am sick and tired of hearing about our schedule being so easy then comparing us to a team that has virtually the same schedule thus far, and not mentioning theirs. C’mon Ben!

    • Ben Nielsen

      Both Denver and KC have tough schedules in the second half of the season. We’ll see what happens.

    • Ben Nielsen

      P.S. I hope I’m wrong about the Chiefs.