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Red Friday: Keys To Victory, What Division Rival Do You Hate Most

It’s here Chiefs fans, Red Friday. An excellent tradition that brings the community together. Fans across the Kingdom are wearing their red and gold, flying the window flag, dying the city fountains and grocery shopping for their tailgate or watch party at home. Red Friday is one of my favorite parts of the NFL season and we here at KC Kingdom want to help you get fired up during your Red Friday. First we’ll start with some keys to victory for the Chiefs, then finish it off with an interesting question.

Aug 24, 2013; Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Alex Smith (11) carries the ball against the Pittsburgh Steelers during the first quarter at Heinz Field. Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory Credit: Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Keys To Victory:

1.) Run the ball

The Chiefs should be able to move the ball effectively on the ground. The Jaguars were the 30th ranked rushing defense in 2012, giving up an average of 85.6 yards per game. Jamaal Charles could have a field day and I think the Chiefs plan is to feed him the rock. Andy Reid is known as a pass first style offense, but he has to understand that Charles is the Chiefs bread and butter. Get Jamaal going early and it could be game over.

2.) Special Teams

One of the most significantly improved units this preseason was the entire special teams. The Chiefs have seemed to hit a home run with the hire of coach Dave Toub. He has every unit playing fast and confident. Through out the pre season, the Chiefs lead the NFL in average starting field position. This will seriously help the Chiefs become a very efficient offense. Winning the field position battle will take a lot of pressure off not only the offense, but the defense as well. This should be a fun unit to watch.

3.) Defense needs to create turnovers

The Chiefs new defensive style has been labeled as an attacking style, meaning exotic blitz packages and creating turnovers. New defensive coordinator Bob Sutton has the Chiefs playing together and fast.

During their third preseason game against the Steelers, the Chiefs defense came up with a big sack with a little over 2 minutes left before the half. That play stalled Pittsburgh’s drive and set up the Chiefs two minute offense, resulting in a touchdown throw by Alex Smith with seconds remaining. The Chiefs need to continue to be opportunistic and timely like they were in that situation against Pittsburgh.

Offenses thrive when their defense can generate a big stop or turnover. The defense seems poised to take that next step and there’s no better time to start than week 1.

What Division Rival Do You Hate Most?

As I sat there last night watching Denver destroy the Baltimore Ravens in the NFL’s annual Kickoff game, I was reminded of how much I despise the Broncos. I grew up with grandparents who lived outside of the Denver area. Sometimes for Christmas, they would give me and my siblings, Broncos memorabilia as gifts. They would be anything from coffee mugs, t shirts, hats, posters the list went on.

It didn’t help that John Elway was in his hay day, making me angry by beating us in the playoffs by greasing their jerseys. I couldn’t stand Rod Smith or Shannon Sharpe either. They always seemed to have big games against the Chiefs, no matter how the flow of the game was going.

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In the early 2000′s with Jake “the Snake” Plummer at QB, they would always run the stupid bootleg play that would just scorch the Chiefs for 20 yards at a time. It was like the Chiefs knew it was coming, but just had no way of stopping it. So frustrating to watch.

These are the reasons I believe I’ve grown up more of a Bronco hater than a Raider or Charger hater. The Broncos have been more of the team to beat in the division the whole time I’ve been growing up.

Don’t get me wrong, I hate the Raiders and Chargers but there isn’t a win I want more than against the Broncos. Let me put it this way, If the Chiefs went 2-14 again, and the only two wins were against Denver, then I would say it was a year to remember. Do I sound bitter?

The older generation of Chiefs fans tend to hate the Raiders more. My parents and grandparents grew up in the old AFL era when the Chiefs first became bitter rivals with the Raiders. They remember the knock down, drag out fights that the Chiefs and Raiders used to get into. Otis Taylor defending his QB, Len Dawson after a cheap shot was landed on him. The Chiefs losing to Oakland twice during the 69′ regular season, but defeating them in the playoffs on there way to Super Bowl IV.

Remember Hall of Fame running back, Marcus Allen making the jump from black and silver to red and gold in the early 90′s? Marcus Allen went in to the Hall of Fame as a Chief first after spending majority of his career in Oakland.

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There’s no doubt that the Chiefs and Raiders are loaded with bitterness and tradition, but it seems that the younger generation of Chiefs fans tend to hate Denver more. Especially after Peyton Manning made the move there last year.

The Chargers have been more annoying to me than anything else. I love beating them and watching “Phyllis” Rivers throw temper tantrums.

The Raiders have been a joke since their Super Bowl beat down in 2002, but always will be a pain for the Chiefs. Every year, the Chiefs get into a weird game with Oakland that involves a ton of penalties and weird scenarios that play a huge role in the result of the game.

I don’t care what the teams records are, the Chiefs and Raiders will play each other tough.

So now I ask the rest of the Kingdom, What AFC West team do you hate the most? Broncos, Raiders or Chargers? Make sure to discuss below in the comment section.

It’s Red Friday Chiefs fans, wear it proudly!



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12 Comments on Red Friday: Keys To Victory, What Division Rival Do You Hate Most

  1. Austin Wagner says:

    I hate the Broncos the most as a team, but Oakland has the fans I hate the most. I don’t there is any fan base in the league that is more ignorant, delusional, or classless.

    • Bleach that tongue little boy. The Raiders are a storied franchise when most people don’t even know the Kansas City Chiefs exist. The Raiders are delusional but yet the Kansas City Chiefs think there are making progress by hiring head coach Andy Reid who took the dream team and turn them into a 2-14 team. Loser!!! Also, Alex Smith couldn’t even figure out how to tie his shoes without the guidance of Jim Harbaugh so please don’t think he is now your quarterback savior. The Chiefs are beyond overrated this year and will probably have a slightly better record than next year which sucks because they’ll end up with a top draft pick again. Sorry man just keeping it real

      • Josh Michaels Josh Michaels says:

        lol how are they BEYOND overrated? most power rankings you look at still have us in the 20-27 range. Everyone jumped on KC’s bandwagon last year and got burnt terribly so they’re very unsure about them this season. And I think a lot of people know the Chiefs exist, i mean the conference championship trophy is named after our owner. And you’re right about Alex Smith, he really struggled before Harbaugh got there, but he did make a huge improvement. We’re not saying he’s the next Drew Brees, but he certainly makes the Chiefs offense 100 times better than they were last season. The Chiefs will for sure have a better record this year which sucks because they’ll end up with a middle pick like they always used too. The Raiders will have THE top pick again. Sorry man just keeping it real.

        Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Dustin Matz says:

    I Live in Denver so I hate them the most. It amazes me how big a mouth can get when a HOF QB is running your team, if the donkeys win they’re going to the bowl, if they lose you wouldn’t even know this town has a football team. Denver and the fans are crazy and I wasn’t going to be shocked if I woke up to a parade downtown this morning. Seriously. Raiders fans are ridiculous but they’re like the mentally challenged kid in the room… just can’t make too much fun of them without feeling kinda guilty!

  3. Dustin Matz says:

    Chiefs vs Broncos are my Super Bowl(s) each year, when the chiefs used to struggle I’d say “at least Denver didn’t sweap us” so hopefully this year garnishes more ammo against them because it’s hard to knock them when that goober-looking man Peyton is throwing 7 touchdowns! The fans make it miserable here

  4. 619chargers4life says:

    Hate the donkeys , and I can’t even get mad at the Raiders any more cuz well they are the raiders , they haven’t done shit in years . And I hope Alex has a good year with u guys , he deserves it , except when u guys play us of course . Good luck to you guys this season , the talent is there .

  5. loanplus1 says:

    Hate the Broncos the most. I like you grew up watching Elway beat us on the final drive way too often! I now live in Denver (hey the weather is fantastic!) so now all I get to here is how great the Broncos are, it is very nauseating hearing it everyday.

    • jayhwk01 says:

      I feel your pain loanplus1. Not being a Chiefs fan living in KC is equally as nauseating and the never ending coverage is maddening. I can only imagine how bad it would be if they won at the level the Broncs do. Being a “outsider” during the NFL season can be tough!

  6. Joel Wagler says:

    I have to say I probably hate the Broncos the most, mainly because my brother is such a Denver fan…and he is so anti-Chiefs.

  7. tm1946 says:

    Strongly dislike whomever the Chiefs are playing this week, more recently hated every team in the playoffs and superbowl, but am a Chief’s fan.

  8. Brandon says:

    I hate the donkeys with a passion. Living here in Utah so close to donkey nation we have all the donkey reject fans.

  9. Tony says:

    Denver now because their better than the Raiders.
    Did Marcus go in as a Chief. Thought Al Davis presented him?

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