September 30, 2012; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jon Baldwin (89) warms up before the game against the San Diego Chargers at Arrowhead Stadium. The Chargers won 37-20. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

Is It Time For The Chiefs To Part Ways With Jonathan Baldwin?

Oct 31, 2011; Kansas City, MO, USA; Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Jon Baldwin (89) makes a catch for a touchdown as San Diego Chargers cornerback Marcus Gilchrist (38) attempts to defend in the first quarter of the game at Arrowhead Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Kansas City Chiefs drafted wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin with their first pick (26th overall) in the 2011 NFL draft. Since being drafted, Baldwin has really struggled to make an impact for the Chiefs, only recording 41 receptions and 2 touchdowns in his two seasons.  The only time that Baldwin was really involved in the passing game in his rookie season was the Monday night game against the Chargers on Halloween night. He caught 5 passes for 82 yards and a touchdown.

It seemed liked Baldwin was going to be the answer to finding the Chiefs number two receiver, opposite Dwayne Bowe. As the season went on, Baldwin disappeared. He struggled to run routes and get open for the quarterbacks, which were the same problems he struggled with last season.

Baldwin stands at 6’4, weighs 230 pounds and is considered a physical specimen at wide receiver, a big part of why he was drafted in the first round. His physical abilities allowed him to be successful in college, often winning with height and speed.

In the NFL, defensive backs are physical specimens as well. If you can’t run good routes, and find ways to get open, physical ability will only get you so far.

Baldwin had a great camp last season, but has come in this year really struggling. He’s dropped a lot of passes in practice, which carried over in Friday nights game against the 49ers. On a 2nd and 2 play, Baldwin dropped a very nice pass from quarterback Alex Smith that would’ve been a significant gain and first down. The drop seemed to be what killed the drive and the next play, Smith was sacked and the drive officially stalled.

Head Coach, Andy Reid‘s patience appears to be wearing thin with Baldwin. Adam Teicher of The Kansas City Star, posted on twitter;

Reid may be losing patience with Baldwin: “I can tell you that when given the opportunity in this league you’d better catch the football.”

The problems the Chiefs have with cutting Baldwin are the salary cap, and finding some one as good or better to fill his role. If the Chiefs were to cut Baldwin, his salary would still be placed on the cap at just over $2 million this season, so the Chiefs probably figure to just hold on and try to get something out of him. But if they do decide to part ways, there are decent options in free agency that could be stop-gaps for the Chiefs this upcoming season.

Some of the remaining names in free agency include, Brandon Lloyd, Devery Henderson, and Laurent Robinson. Lloyd has had reliable hands his entire career, and is a hometown native of Kansas City. Henderson is a speedy receiver who has ability to stretch the field, much like Donnie Avery. Both are veteran players that could be nice additions if the Chiefs do decide to go the other way with Baldwin.

So far this preseason, no one has been able to step up for the Chiefs at the number two receiver spot. It’s an issue that could really haunt the Chiefs this season. Defenses will roll coverage to Dwayne Bowe every Sunday, knowing the Chiefs don’t have another option outside.

If Baldwin has another bad week of practice and doesn’t play well next week in Pittsburgh, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him get cut. The likely hood is that Baldwin stays, but if the coaches and front offices patience wears too thin, Baldwin may be searching for a new team.

What say the rest of the Kingdom? Should the Chiefs part ways with Baldwin, or hold on and see if he can step up and be the guy?

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32 Comments on Is It Time For The Chiefs To Part Ways With Jonathan Baldwin?

  1. berttheclock says:

    Cutting him in Pittsburgh might save him travel money. Palko needs him for his Pop Warner team on the outskirts of Pittsburgh.

  2. antony555 says:

    T. O. is available it would not cost anything to try him out, i know Andy has some history with the guy but the guy can ball, and if they sign him no money if any trouble period..

    • DTVTechGuy says:

      Dumb idea.

      • antony555 says:

        You got a better idea clod hopper..

        • Josh Michaels says:

          Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. He’s fooled too many locker rooms and burnt too many bridges in the NFL. No point in bringing him in

          • Ben Nielsen says:

            I believe that quote goes: “Fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again.”

          • PunjabiPete says:

            “It’ll be a long time before some smart person finds out what happened in the White House!”

            I miss Bush. I hate saying it, but news was a lot less depressing then, was a lot more fun to watch. Not getting into politics at all, I’m a staunch Obama supporter, but I’d rather hang out with Bush any day of the week

          • Ben Nielsen says:

            I suppose it depends on what your definition of the word “depressing” is. I see what you are saying though. I do miss Bush’s way with words.

          • PunjabiPete says:

            He’s the only prez I remember watching entire speeches of in anticipation. You knew something was coming, just didn’t know what. With Obama, it’s the same thing over and over “blah blah blah, let’s see if bending over backwards even MORE will help this time”, and with Clinton, well, usually his speeches ended up with my wife putting out, so those can’t be bad either… odd though. Hmmm…

            Anyway back to Chiefs stuff, let’s hope JB’s replacement turns out well, while I WILL rub everyone’s face in it when Jonathan Baldwin wins the SB this year with San Francisco, it won’t be any fun. Go Chiefs!

          • antony555 says:

            I guess we all are entitled to our own opinions, and see history differently but come on people missing Bush now that’s a stretch. And as for Obama saying things over and over again if not for some people who don’t get it ones who keep our country at a stand still he wouldn’t have too.
            Now how did the subject of Jon Baldwin’s time change to our former president and one we could not wait to retire to his ranch in Texas….

          • PunjabiPete says:

            We are on the same side, and I think BO is a fantastic orator, but the fact of the matter is (even though it’s an unfair charge) he HAS to repeat himself over and over again… this wasn’t really political at all (I’m about as left leaning as you can get), now it’s just sad to watch, and frustrating.

        • PunjabiPete says:

          Yeah we can just keep Jonathan Baldwin, who might have an upside, rather than get a loud mouth non productive nobody who cares more about his TV career than playing football for a no-name podunk football town that is as fickle as they get. I say that knowing I have grown up in, live in, and love Kansas City.. but that’s how we’re seen by almost every other team out there.

    • chiefridgy says:

      A couple years ago I wanted us to sign him as we’ll. I like his physicality and well, his play speaks for itself. I thought teams were just being mean and hateful to him for some reason…..Maybe he was just misunderstood. NOW I think it’s clear he has proven he is impossible to get along with and too full of himself. I think he has proven his critics right….IMO that’s the last thing the Chiefs need.

      • antony555 says:

        You people are the kind I would hate to have for a jury, no forgiveness at all at this point he knows no team wants to take a chance with him. I would think with financial problems alone would be a reason he would come in here and give blood, sweat, and tears for this team. Also the 9ners had no problem with him and the the Seahawks are stacked with young wide outs. Really Don’t think we have that luxury at this time. And with Baldwin trade the guy someone may be able to use him are with his size TE maybe..

        • AES says:

          Not here to bash. Just a longtime 49er fan that is curious to hear from the Chiefs Nation why many of you were turned off by Baldwin.
          I really like his measurables and his ability to challenge for the ball in the air.
          Some of the ink I’m reading regarding JB is that he has a penchant for dropping passes. And this is definitely a concern especially when considering the lasers thrown by Kaepernick.
          In any case, I hope that this trade works for both teams.
          Wishing you guys the best of luck.
          From a 49er Faithful

          • antony555 says:

            Well now he’s your problem in my humble opinion, the guy is

          • antony555 says:

            Maybe for Baldwin a laser guided smart bomb is the answer, the rubber armed QBs we have had may have slowed him down in his development….

  3. chiefridgy says:

    I think the Chiefs really need him to step up this year and they’ll probably give him every opportunity….at least early on in the season…IMO

  4. Stacy D. Smith says:

    It’s time to look for other options. I’d definitely give Brandon Lloyd a ring. The Chiefs offense is going to struggle if teams can bottle Bowe up and stack the box against Charles.

  5. STEVE says:


  6. Jason Collins says:

    “They should start Demps”!! And “T.O. Is available”. Hopelessness.

  7. scomstock55 says:

    I think they should wait and see what vets get cut from other WR deep teams…or just keep him and see if he comes around…maybe putting him on the practice squad will motivate him?

  8. Mark Bustamante says:

    Why is everyone discounting Avery and McCluster. I would play them

    • Josh Michaels says:

      no one is necessarily discounting them, its just that both seem to fill the role of the slot area better, especially McCluster. Avery was drafted to be a number one guy, but has had trouble staying healthy and getting open consistently on every down he plays. I think the Chiefs view Avery as more of a 3rd down deep threat that can help keep defenses honest down the field, but that only works if the Chiefs have more than just one reliable threat at reciever. It’ll be interesting to see how the Chiefs handle this spot moving forward. I expect either a receiver in the first round next april, or a solid free agent move next off season.

  9. Pealvin says:

    I say let him start the season and see where it goes from there. Too many preseason overreactions right now. Yes he has dropped passes, but lets give him a couple weeks in to see if he’s turned a corner. We’re strapped for cash any way.

  10. PunjabiPete says:

    Yes, without giving him any kind of chance with a decent quarterback, let’s get rid of him and pick up a 18 year veteran. What’s Randy Moss/ Terrell Owens doing? /sarcasm

    • PunjabiPete says:

      See we just traded JB to San Francisco. Man, when I’m right I’m right, huh guys?!

    • Ben Nielsen says:

      You had me until the Super Bowl part.

      • PunjabiPete says:

        I know, and I hate saying it, but I think SF is going to make another very deep run into the playoffs this year. Will Baldwin be instrumental in it? Only time will tell, but KC seems to have a thing with dumping players who go on to great success on other teams…

        • Ben Nielsen says:

          I like SF’s chances to make the Super Bowl again. I just don’t think Baldwin’s part in it will be instrumental. I don’t see his problems being fixed this year, anyway.

          • Josh Michaels says:

            This is a “what have you done for me lately” league. Baldwin was a first round selection, who came in and got into a fight with one of the most respected people in the entire league (Thomas Jones) and missed time his rookie season, and hasn’t given the Chiefs any reason to keep him. He’s entering his third season, which is the season that coaches consider the make or break year, and has carried over all the same issues. it was time to part ways with him. I don’t hate the guy, but I’m not sure that he will go to SF and light it up. Who know’s, maybe a fresh start for both of these underachieving WR’s may be just what they needed. Thank you for reading and commenting!

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